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Reducing Paper Waste

Updated on June 22, 2013

Digital technology


Reducing Paper Waste

Reducing Paper Waste

Volume 2, Issue 13, June 22, 2013

We are in a technological age and many businesses, homes, and government agencies are taking drastic, impressive, and innovative steps into a technological and digital age.

The last couple of years have brought dramatic change to many households when the government stopped producing paper checks to their whopping amount of recipients who receive disability, social security, and who are paid employee's or government officials.

This change alone reduced a whopping 15% of government paper waste. The reduction and the use of paper products added up to the billions of dollars in taxpayer costs.

Paper is made of what are essentially trees that were cut down to produce paper, trees in the billions that sustain the planet and the oxygen in the air.

The government, households, and some businesses now rely upon direct deposits and they also rely on computers to generate digital mail or emails, as most of the digital world is familiar with.

New inventions and computer systems are being introduced every year with more and more capabilities that would make "a Jetson” blush. The new technology includes software that has multi-tasking capabilities that businesses rely upon to stay connected to the world we live in. A digital world where I-pads and I-phones are becoming more and more connected to our workplace environment and our daily lives in multi-tasks.

Technology has been a major player in the digital world and it keeps getting better. One example, is that not only are computers desktop computers, but innovation has changed them and the computers are now available in laptop form and could be taken and used anywhere, travel with you, and used anywhere your heart desires.

Some of the technological advances not only have entered our business lives, but our personal lives have been affected by digital technology. New Social Programs and recreational programs have been produced that entertain and capture our imagination in the home and during our recreational free time. Some of these programs are not available anywhere else but in a digital world like our computers. The changes it has made have impacted the way we live, work, socialize, and play.

So just what is a digital world? It is living a life that is immersed in technology like computers, smart phones, and in a computerized environment. The world is ever-changing and education, business, government, and our social structure is more dependent on the digital world we have immersed ourselves in.

Education has made strides in online education courses like one of the educational pioneers of online instruction, the University of Phoenix. More and more universities and colleges are going green and utilizing the effectiveness and sustainable practices that benefit the community and the environment we are now living in and share with the digital world and are educating people in a online community or virtual community .

The digital age has brought about change in the way we communicate with one another. We once used to use a form of a handwritten letter, but now has been reinvented to reduce the paper product waste on this planet by writing a letter via email or by instantly chatting over the Internet on the Worldwide Web.

Communications and Entertainment via television is also changing and becoming more and more digital where we are able to access movies on the Internet and watching our favorite TV shows. Entertainment resources like music has become technologically re-mastered onto IPod’s, digital programming, and digital music stations.


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