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Registering Domain Names SEO Considerations

Updated on May 26, 2011

What are the most reliable domain name registrars?

We all know there is no shortage of domain name purveyors available to choose from. Personally, I play it safe and stick with either Network Solutions or GoDaddy because domain names are inherently inexpensive and the companies are widely trusted.
If you are trying to save a buck, proceed with caution, domain names for less than 5.00 per year are always suspect. The better option would be to kick down the extra penny a day and take the high road (or drop the extra shot of vanilla in your latte a few times annually).

How to I get the best deal on domain name registration?

Despite the fact that massive savings are not really on the line, there are a few ways to save a few bones when registering domain names, and more importantly, when renewing.
Ask and you shall receive. Recently, I called Network Solutions and told them I would transfer all my domain names unless they gave me a more competitive rate on renewals. All of the sudden I’m paying 15.00 instead of 35.00 for 20 domain names a year (400.00 savings).
Another quick way to save, search Google for a coupon code, there are many widely available.

Does it matter if I register as private vs. public?

When you register a public domain name all of your personal information you provided during your domain registration can be easily accessed via. the whois database. There are many sites ready and willing to provide free search results by domain name, which poses an issue when it comes to junk mail, junk e-mail and telemarketers, it’s an easy and free place for them to access massive lists.
The option is to register privately.
Private registration is available with every domain registrar, the typical price is 5.00 to 10.00 per year. Private registration replaces your information with that of the registrar and keeps those nagging marketers off your backside.

Should I register multiple domains, how should the be handled?

Whatever the need may be for multiple domains, be sure they are handled correctly. Domain name pointing services can really damage your Search Engine ranking due to the interpretation of “duplicate content” if not done correctly. We strongly suggest a permanent 301 redirect file be placed within a hosting platform. The best plan of action would be to park the extra domains and not affiliate them with your business unless they have unique content.

How does a domain name impact Search Engine Optimization?

Keyword meta data is becoming less and less, if not entirely, disregarded by Search Engines due to the fact that it’s unreliable information by nature. A domain name, on the other hand, indicates a true commitment to a sites objective. Search Engines now place the most importance on page names, descriptions and the all-important domain name. If you can, make every attempt to include the targeted keyword in the domain name itself (For example, a furniture makers website should be “” vs. “johndoewoodsmith”).

If you are looking for a high-quality Minnesota search engine optimization company, check out PXL Technologies.

Who Would You Use

Who would you (or do you) register a domain name first?

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    • random theme profile image

      random theme 6 years ago

      Good hub. But I would definitely not list Go Daddy. I have used them in the past and even though they are one of the largest, I steer clear of them as their website navigation is a mess, not to mention it is not an easy checkout process, to say the least. I love, love, love