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Synergy in Self Publishing

Updated on December 21, 2012
Keep adding a little every week
Keep adding a little every week | Source

Here’s an idea that may help you grow your online income quickly

Right now I’m experimenting with the idea of making money online. Passive income is a goal for everyone. I read advertising all the time that states I can make money while I sleep. “Put your income on autopilot”. Well it’s all nice to say (and I’m sure a few folks are doing it right) but what are the realities of this game? A lot of people struggle to make their first hundred dollars on line and it’s not their fault. The blueprint to a large online income is quite elusive. I am going to present an idea here that may make you a few dollars, in fact it if you are one of the ones struggling to clear your first $100 I think this will get you there easily if you apply yourself regularly. Please read on!

E-Books are a Tool

It’s widely known that e-books are a way to get surfers interested in your product or service or to present an interesting concept. E-books can also be informative and train people in almost any topic. Writing an e-book of sufficient size is daunting and I would guess that there are at least 100 e-books started and dropped for every one published. Writing an e-book is hard work and takes regular focussed effort with no promise of sales or any return. By the time you get your e-book finished your idea may have become passé or just out of date all together. Other people may have capitalised on the idea and left little room for a new player (like so many MLM schemes)

What if there was a way to start making money for your writing every day and you would get up to $2-3 dollars daily because of ad supported revenue? It might start slow at first, maybe nothing for a few days and then maybe a nickel or a dime and after about a month a quarter a day. So at this point I think you see that I am saying this is not a get rich quick scheme but it can be a way to facilitate the compilation of your e-book.

What I am suggesting is to find an article publisher that pays you ad revenue and if you are accepted into their apprenticeship program (you must be a good motivated writer to start) you could earn $25 per article for a few you write during the apprenticeship program. Ad revenue is sporadic and depends on your traffic but what a way to earn and stay enthused during the writing your e-book and learn about links, search engine optimisation, Google ranking etc. All good things you should know anyway to market your completed e-book. By taking this approach your writing improves and you can edit your articles repeatedly until you are satisfied with your quality.

I am suggesting writing the e-book (or portions of it) for the article site. You own the articles, not the site and you take portions of them freely to add to your own e-book. So for instance if you were writing about model trains you could write how to articles on building the models, assembling track, the latest design software etc. Simultaneously you are build your affiliate marketing connections to model rail sites and within a few months you can publish your book mostly from your articles and reap the benefits of the article marketing that you have been doing. By updating and changing the articles as needed you create fresh content as well which drives more traffic to your articles through Google etc.

A few months go by and now you have a solid readership and a readymade e-book. You are now marketing your e-book via your articles. You have your e-book published on Amazon and then get the affiliate commission from your article site as well so you are making the most profit possible.

OK so you’re asking what article site works like this? You’re reading this on Hub Pages and this is such a site. Here are some of the features of Hub Pages. The benefits of becoming a Hub Page author include:

· The site ranks higher on Google than your article would on its own in your blog because of the sheer size of Hub Pages. There are millions of Hub Articles and one of my first articles with only a few key words ranked on the third page of Google within a week. Most SEO people work for months to legitimately get their customers’ website that close to top of Google.


Quit thinking about it and do it!
Quit thinking about it and do it! | Source

You make money in a number of ways, from Google, eBay and a few other programs you will read on their site. The earnings are not great at first and may never be enough to set you up for life but this is one of the income streams you are developing.

  • There is never a cost to you. This is a legitimate site that partners with you.
  • You stay motivated because even the few dollars you see at the start produced some enthusiasm and encourage you to keep writing.
  • You are building a base of readers that are more apt to buy your e-book on Amazon once it is published.
  • You start building links to other sites which helps your Google rankings
  • You start building a social network where people can find you and your product.
  • And, it’s fun to see your name as a featured writer from time to time.

You can find out more about Hub Pages right here. Open an account. It’s free (there never is a cost to you)and then start pouring through the knowledge base, take the time to set up your eBay and Amazon affiliate links, create and connect your social media accounts and then start putting up articles 3-4 times per week of about 1000 words. I drafted this 1000 word article in about 45 minutes and while it might be hard to do it every day you can certainly find the time though out the week. You will write your e-book and you will succeed in making a few dollars just be doing what I have outlined here.

I wish you the best of luck with your project and email me here as soon as your account set up. I’ll be anxious to follow your progress!


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    • JanMaklak profile image

      JanMaklak 5 years ago from Canada

      Thank you for your vote and encouragement. Good luck, let's keep in touch!

    • UnnamedHarald profile image

      David Hunt 5 years ago from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

      You know, I've been toying with this very idea and to see it in print underlines the fact that I'm not entirely off base. Voted up, interesting and useful. Thanks for writing this, jan.

    • mpropp profile image

      Melissa Propp 5 years ago from Minnesota

      Great points! I haven't really ever considered writing an e-book, but perhaps that is because I can't decide on just one topic. That is another advantage to a site like this. You don't have to have an established niche to start writing here. Although, I think once you picked a niche, you could then start putting together that e-book....Thanks for sharing your advice, greatly appreciated!

    • Abbyfitz profile image

      Abbyfitz 5 years ago from Florida

      Very good article! You've given me ideas that never even crossed my mind. Your article was very well written. Keep it up!