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Relax and Do More

Updated on July 3, 2020
Take some time out and relax
Take some time out and relax | Source

Do More

After spending an average of 50 hours a week working, most entrepreneurs or executives end up feeling trapped and thinking that there is no time to disconnect or relax. Endless obligations, due dates, and stress are to blame for this fast-paced lifestyle.

Here is the raw truth and it’s up to you what you want to do with it. Time is a very valuable resource that we cannot recover, it is your responsibility to learn how to use it efficiently and take advantage of it. If you don't take control and put your priorities in order, at the end of the day you will feel unsatisfied and unhappy.

Do you want to do more and regain your mental health at the same time? It is not as difficult as you think, take a few minutes and read these simple tips:

(Not) Always Online

At this time, it is a necessity to be connected with your partners and clients. But don't forget that on the internet there are a huge number of distractions. Measure the time you spend online.

Good Tips

1. Draw a line in the sand. If you're completely serious about relaxing, you can't expect it to happen out of nowhere and without any effort from your side. You must learn how to put on one side the activities that relax you and on the other the things related to your work. Don't mix them both, it's very easy to fall into the trap of working out for a while and relaxing later, that's counterproductive. You should never serve two masters because you surely are going to end up failing one of them.

Plan a relaxation period, complete your pending tasks before disconnecting and give it a few finishing touches afterwards. How can you free yourself from those mental chains that end up making you feel mentally tired? Adopt leisure and comfort so that you have more clarity and can make better decisions, which will also rejuvenate considerably your mind, body and spirit.

2. Eliminate distractions. It may seem like a completely insignificant thing, but big distractions usually come in small packages. Don't underestimate the power of technology, being able to touch a button to send a message can be a great source of distraction. Set aside some time in your relaxation hours to check if there is an emergency. Resist the urge to get to work, this is your time to disconnect and not think about all those tasks that you have pending.

3. Get a little antisocial. What if you walked away from all the applications that normally have you trapped for hours on your cell phone? Social media can be good for distracting us for a while, but it can also cause stress by becoming a major distraction.

4. Put your mind to blank. You don't need to be a great yoga teacher to do this. Close your eyes, pull the curtains of your room and blank your mind to relax for a few minutes physically and mentally. Use positive images to reset the subconscious part of your mind. What the mind houses the body manifests it in one way or another. Take care of the entrance of your mind, just let certain types of thoughts that are beneficial to you enter. Negativity and renewal are as opposite as water and oil.

5. Relax, renew and recharge batteries. Once the path to tranquility is clear, carry out activities that enrich you as a human being. The problem is that many people do not know how to do it or what the most enriching activities for the soul are. If you are like this, just create a list of 10 activities that make you feel good, be creative! There are no rules and no limits, your list can include something as simple as listening to your favorite song or taking a walk. No matter what you choose, the point is that you have a great time.

Be more productive without losing your sanity
Be more productive without losing your sanity | Source


Never forget that your mental health and well-being must be your priority. Work as much as you need or want to, but never forget to listen to the signals of your body.Doing it on time could prevent you from suffering from some diseases caused by fatigue.


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