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Reliance On Social Media For Marketing Can Be Detrimental

Updated on April 13, 2019
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Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing | Source

At the time of the emergence of different social media, the commercialism in these platforms was not a widespread idea by then but with the progress of the time, the digital marketers have started to use these social media platforms as their mediums of trading. With every turn of the decade, new inventions are coming up and new strategies are discovered. Today, every company irrespective of shape, size or success has come on social media platforms in hope of gaining profits. Things are changing every day and clinging to the same, old, conventional idea will not feed you with more conversion or sales. You need to think twice before choosing the social media platforms as your prime way of promoting because there are many hidden facts that you may not consider to focus on.

In the recent few months, the social media platforms are going down frequently which is shaking the foundation of digital marketing. At the time of promoting business on social media, people pay more heed on the merits of the platforms being ignorant of the consequences they may face with the platforms as this is the effect of the popularity of the social media. Sometimes Facebook is going down and sometimes Instagram goes down. People are so perplexed because of these issues and a presence of sparkling panic can be observed among people regarding this. Relying on any of this marketing platform is neither an imperishable nor a brilliant idea for your business.

Loopholes Of Social Media Platforms For Marketing

People having great business acumen should think twice before completely relying on social media. The reasons are as follows,

1. Continuous Diminution Of Organic Reach

The continuous reports of the earning of any company have made the social media platforms aware of the profits they are making so as a result of the fact a reverse pressure is coming to them to increase the profits so they are changing free services to chargeable ones. It is true that organic reach will never reach zero but the recent sitch has dragged it near to near. Definitely, there are several ways to increase the engagements but if any smaller, similar base gets to see your post then engaging people will be barely possible without spending for boosting post. This is a piece of bad news for small businesses or start-ups. The main problem with this whole process of boosting is that it is not an unerring way of translating income. So think twice before investing your effort, time and money.

2. You don't own those Platforms

In spite of having a large number of the crowd behind you back, remember those people are not your customer but the customer of the platforms. They can be your potential customers but before that social media platforms are controlling those every step they are taking for doing or checking anything. How can it be a brilliant idea of trading your business on the platform of someone else just because of the presence of a large amount of crowd? Social media platform should be a lead generator to drag people to your website email list as email marketing still has its powerful effect in the market because it is profitable for many reasons one of them is that 100% of people can get the email you are sending without you paying for this. This idea is far better than boosting posts that may not bring you any profit. Don't discard your website for the flashy social media marketing craze.

3. An Assorted Strategy for More Success

Smart entrepreneurs do not confront drastic negative change in the market because of their back up plans. It is a disastrous idea of putting all eggs in a basket because relying on social media as the sole marketing strategy is like taking shot in the dark. A diverse marketing strategy should be integrated with the business to keep flourishing. Social media marketing should be a part of the business but a business should not entirely stand on social media marketing. To be successful the first step should be to break the shackles of conventional strategies to set a new trend and what? You will be the first person to step to success with a path-breaking new strategy. Business is standing one-two stilts if one is marketing the other is the innovation. You may prefer social media marketing but you will miss out the innovation from your marketing strategy whereas the diverse strategy clings to innovation. Instead of letting your social media affect your business, focus on something which is effective yet extraordinary. Millions of people are online, make sure that you are not losing the innovative way for clinging to the stereotypical. Hundred of possible ways can be there, find what suits you and your needs.

The following tips will convey how to confront these adverse situations that the entrepreneurs often come across which shake their foundation of business drastically. Problems need solutions. The entrepreneurs with good business acumen can actually find their way to rescue their business by acquiring alternative effective ways. Discover some of the alternative ways by the following points -

A. Diversify Your Following

This entire content is yet discussing over the loopholes the entrepreneurs confront on the social media platforms. But problems need remedies. What is the remedy for this? It is essential to spread the following all across the social media more than just a one. For example, if your Facebook gets to shut down for a continuous 10+ hours then your other social media business platforms will compensate for the loss that is happening because of one social media. Presence on multiple social media platforms will help to spread the following. The one shutting down of social media will not affect you too much. Apart from being present to different places, another method of keeping the people engaged is by cross-promoting in each network. When both Facebook and Instagram go down then opt for your twitter handle as it is more reliable and it will keep you connected with your audiences.

B. What Is To Be Done if Social Media Goes Down?

A pain-stricken situation pops up to you when you see a platform is going down so your audiences can't reach you and you can't make the profit. That is understandable. Remember, the big networks always provide outrage information which will help to update you about the things that are happening around. Things you should do when a network goes down

  • Check whether you are facing the problem or others are going through the same. Many websites are there which help to track at the time of social media shutting down and search on any engine as that can help you.

  • Compensate the loss with other social media leaving it behind for the time being.


Undeniably, social media platform plays a pivotal role in your journey to success but the loopholes are turning off the marketing of many companies so it is very important to keep the other ways open for keeping up the source of profit. After all, this is the 21st century and the trouble should be a lexical word only.


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