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Reseller Program

Updated on November 5, 2009

Reseller Program

We are a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Website Designing Company based in India. So far, we have worked on more than 300 projects and have a very good Client Reviews and Results delivered to show. To know more about our Business, please visit our website at

To enhance our Business, we've started the Reseller Program and hence, we are looking for more than 500 Resellers/Outsourcing Agents across India and All English speaking countries. We currently have 8 Resellers across all English Speaking countries and they are earning more than $5000 USD on a monthly basis just by working as a Part Timer.

As we are located in India, We charge just 1/4th of the charges of US, UK, Australia etc. So, our charges are very Low compared to the current Online Market.

Working as a Reseller:

Being a Reseller, you would get clients for more $$$$ USD and outsource the work to us at Low Prices. For example, if you get a SEO Project/Designing Project at a cost of $400-$700 USD per month, you will outsource the same project to us to execute the work at a cost of $250 USD per month only. So, you can earn $150-$350 USD per each SEO project for each month without any work done at your end. If the same project has been continued for 3 months, on a monthly basis for 3 months, the client will pay and you will earn your share on that concerned project.

For the first project you outsource either it is a SEO Project or Web Designing Project, there is no need to pay us upfront. You can pay us after you receive payment from the client. Also, we will provide all necessary Training and Resources from our end such as "Seo Tutorials, Top Results Achieved, Best Client Reviews and Testimonials etc" to help you to get more clients on board.

If you're interested in working as a Reseller, please send me an email at to discuss more about your Job Description and the Terms & Conditions of the Contract.

Believe me, There is Lots of Money in this Market and hence, if you can Cooperate, we both can Earn Thousands of Dollars on a monthly basis.

Note: If you're not interested, please let your known contacts know about this proposal and if they are interested, please ask them to send me an email at


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