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How to Make Your More Profitable Through Hosting Events

Updated on October 11, 2013
Host Speed Tasting Events, Speed Dating Events, Speed Networking Events
Host Speed Tasting Events, Speed Dating Events, Speed Networking Events | Source

Host Restaurant Events to Increase Profit

Launching a new restaurant, cafe', or lounge? Or maybe you're featuring great new menu items or cocktails. Then how about this... Host a Speed Dating Event with a Twist.

Plan a "speed dating style" tasting event. Invite select guest, media, friends, and socialites out to taste samples from your menu selection. First decide on how many mini dishes you'll premier. We suggest 10-12. Be sure to have a good mixture of samples including entree's, wines, signature cocktails, appetizers, and desserts.

Once you've selected your sample menu. It's time to plan your Speed Tasting event. Set up a portion of your restaurant with tables that can seat multiple guests. (Tip: It is much easier if you are using hi-top tables without chairs.) Be sure to have space available for photos, mingling, and dining.

Have your staff (including the owner, chef, servers and bartenders) stationed at each table. Number the tables (1 thru 12) with a table marker or sign so people know where to go next. Make sure everyone understand to go in numerical order once their tasting time is up.

At each table you will have a different item to taste or sip. Make sure that all the food looks and tastes great! Samples should be large enough to enjoy, but small enough to entice an appetite for MORE!

During the tasting the Host of each table will introduce the item or items being sampled or paired. The host introduces himself and then can talks about the history of the item, how the item is made, and so on for the first couple of minutes. Each guest has a score card and rates the items at each table (ex: rating of 1-5 with room for notes and contact info)

The guest visit each table, meeting each host (including the owner and chef), and have the opportunity to mingle with other guest, sip, chat, and enjoy the restaurant's ambiance.

The guest go from table to table (in groups of no more than 6) and at the last table is finalizes their score cards and submits them to the Host.

Let go over things

For example: You've invited 60 guest to attend this event. Each guest is then assigned a group. You will have a dozen groups and 12 tables with 12 different menu items.

Everyone in group A begins at table 1 (which is sampling a Peach Mimosa)

Everyone in group B begins at table 2 (which is sampling Miss Merry's Mac n' Cheese)

Everyone in group C begins at table 3 (Which is sampling LampChop LollyPops)

You get the drift,

Once the sampling time (5 minutes for each sampling) is up, each group takes notes and moves to the next table in numerical order (anyone who was at table 5 will then go to table 6)

Once everyone has experienced each host and sample, the sampling notes are collected (completed with name, email, and contact info) by the table host or event Emcee.

What to do with the data collected.

So now you have 60 surveys on your menu items, your hosts, and the restaurant/ event experience. You'll use that information for testimonials, suggestions, social media, and to help cater to your customers. Additionally, you now have 60 customers to add to your mailing list.

Following the event, be sure to create an offer to send the participants that will prompt them to return. Perhaps a free dessert, 50% off, complimentary cocktail, Buy 1, Get 1 deals, etc.

You can either host an event like this one that is Complimentary to selected guest (from you email list or personal invites) or you can charge. Either way, the purpose is to make more money, increase brand visibility, add Events to your calendar, and engage with your customers.

You can always have a liquor company sponsor the event or find other sponsors. If charging, be sure to make it worth the value so customers feel like they can't pass it up. After all, if your restaurant staff is friendly, food is tasty, and drinks are on point-- they WILL return and spread the word.

Further Help

Need help with planning your restaurant events? We strongly recommend Match in Six. This company has hosted numerous events for restaurants, bars, lounges, and cafes similar to the one mentioned above. Visit for contact information to request details or email to

So are you ready to do it on your own? Match in Six can also help with Building your Speed Dating Kit to Host your Speed Tasting, Speed Dating, and Speed Networking events! Just contact us at for more details


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