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Resume Tips: The Do's and Don'ts

Updated on January 22, 2019
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Human Resource Manager/Quality Care Specialist in Medical Office. Fifteen years experience and enjoy every aspect of it.


As if searching for a job is not already stressful enough, tack on updating or creating your resume and it may push you over the edge.

On any given day multiple resumes come across my desk.Some catch my eye by the sheer fact the candidate spent so much time and perfected it. I have actually considered if I ever need to re-vamp mine I will hire them to help.

While others I question “What were they thinking?”

Your resume is what will get you the interview. When sending out resumes to potential employers this will be their first introduction to you. Make sure it is done well and effectively shows your qualifications.

The Do's and Dont's

1.Create a Resume for the Position your Applying for

You should have your resume downloaded so it can be edited easily to fit the job you are applying for. You do not need to list all of the jobs you have ever had. Make your resume stand out for this specific position.

For Example: Position: Marketing Rep

List your work history in this field and why you excel. Highlight your accomplishments and any education. You do not have to put your dog walking job you had in college down.

2.Use a Basic Font and Sizing

Stick with the basic Font size of 10 or 12 and basic font style something like Times New Roman. Do not use Comic sans I beg of you ,nor go crazy with bold or italic words.

3.Best Foot Forward

Try and include the most relevant and your best attributes to the top of the resume. You want to draw there attention to that first.

4.Try and Keep it Short

The amount of resumes received for one position can be overwhelming to say the least . Keep your resume to one page if you can. Short and informative should be your goal.

5.Double Check

I cannot emphasize enough. Spell check and re-read your resume not once but twice. Spelling errors show that you possibly rushed or worse you don't pay attention to detail.

Grammar check as well watch for the use of "their" and "there " and double words spell check will not pick it up !

6. Do not get Personal/Stay Professional

This is not a personal ad.

Once you land the job go ahead and discuss how much you like football or hiking on the weekends. Please do not include hobbies, religion or political interests you have. This just fluffs your resume.

7. List a Professional Email

You will want to make sure all of your contact information is correct and up to date. Please create an email that is professional, there is nothing worse than replying to a great candidate with the email jennsassypants@***.com .

8. Do Not List Social Media Accounts

If your social media accounts pertain to your qualifications or accomplishments (i.e Marketing, Photography, Design etc.) by all means include them.

If your drinking on the beach with your friends or at the gym, not relevant.

Just in case your curious I will probably Google you anyways.

9. Skip The Objective

Objective is usually the first thing that is put on a resume right after the name, it has to be a word template. Honestly, I am not interested in what you want , I need to know what you have to offer me. Let me show you what I mean:

Objective: “To obtain a position in a well rounded and growing company where I can utilize my Sales experience effectively. I am looking for a company that will help me perfect my skills and bring me more opportunities”

Try doing this instead under your name and contact information , place header of your title/position such as below:

Human Resource Manager

Under here list your most relevant qualifications.

10. Describing Yourself

Choose words that you have heard fellow coworkers or employers use to describe you. Innovative, diligent or self starter. Words I personally frown upon on a resume.

  • Friendly : Will you socialize too much with other coworkers.
  • Caring: You may become to attached,especially if you are in a management position.
  • Great at Multi-tasking: This is on almost every other resume I read. Great quality you can do multiple things at once, however are you doing either of those tasks perfect probably not. I would rather have an employee work on one project and give me 100 % then work on multiple projects and give me 60/30/10.

One last thought

Stay positive and confident when you are on your job hunt do not get discouraged. More important do not get desperate and call or email to see if your resume was received I beg of you.

Depending on how fast they plan on hiring and if they are overwhelmed with resumes you may not hear back for a few days.

Best of Luck !


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