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Review of Internet Paid Surveys Companys

Updated on February 17, 2012

List of Internet Survey Sites

Heres a list of internet surveys that I am signed up to and intend to try, note I am based in the UK so perhaps some of these sites are better for people from different countrys. Heres a list of the ones I have tried, the best two I have found so far our Lightspeed and Global test Market.


Global Test Market

Free Surveys UK

Valued opinion

Opinion Outpost


My Survey


Free Survey Uk

Ciao Surveys

Best internet survey sites as voted for by you

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Cash or Rewards

Depending on what site you use depend how they pay you.

Lightspeed pays you in lightspeed points which can be used to exchange for paypal vouchers or other electronic vouchers (note you can slighty more moneys worth out of none paypal vouchers), or you can exchange against a small catalogue of items. Generally I find the paypal or voucher options (I usually take amazon vouchers), in fact I have never been tempted to "buy" anything from there catalogue.

Global Test market pays you in points too however these are only transferable into american cents and dollars (about 0.05 cents per point), which is probably in your favour with the exchange rate. However you need to earn at least 1000 points for $50 before you can cash out (at lot of sites have minimum earnings before payout) but I found with there regular surveys i had soon exceeded this total. They also currently pay yopu by check which takes a long time for you to recieve, about 6 weeks in my case.  And for my second cheque it took even longer currently 2 months and still waiting.

Survey Head pays a cash amount per survey completed, however some of these take a long time to credit (6 weeks in my case), also see the cashing out minimum below.  The cash out is slighty confusing as it is in dollars and seems to fluctuate depending I presume on the exchange rate.

My Survey is a 1000 points for a £5 amazon voucher.

Ipsos access panel surveys I have only recently joined these in April 2010

A lot of sites also offer entrys into free prize draws for surveys you dont qualify for or for small surveys, be aware this is all some sites offer. I personally have never won anything to date.

Minimum cash or payout

A lot of these sites have a minimum amount you have to earn before you can cash out, as previously mentioned. Find these detailed below.

Global Test Market- 1000 points which equates to $50 I found this total easily acheiveable due to the regular surveys

Springboard-£30 Now I have been on this site for over a year and I have earnt £11 mainly from there monthly survey which pays 50 pence a time, so taking this in it looks like a long wait until I will be able to cash this one out.

Lightspeed-345 points let you cash out through paypal for £3 if you wait until 550 this gets you a voucher at places like amazon for £5, note a £5 paypal voucher is 575 points so it can be in your favour to take vouchers if you use these places regulary

Surveyhead-minimum payout of $25 I have just had my first payout but it took me about 9 months to get to this amount so quite a while really.  I have also had some free chocolate bars out of these (you answered questions about them later).

Turned Down...

Quite a few surveys will turn you down not so bad you say, however they generally turn you down after 5 or 6 questions meaning you have spent a couple of minutes answering there questions for them to see if you qualifiy. After a few of these it gets annoying, some people use a programme which will automatically fill your details in, as yet I have not tried one.

Most sites offer a entry in there prize draw or something similar for surveys you get turned down for My Survey gives you 5 points which is better in my opinion.

Just not worth it

Ciao surveys seems to offer you 10p for 30 minute surveys whilst I have not worked out the monetary value of the average surveys (which is something I might do yet), it hardly seems worth the effort as it would take a lot of surveys to make even a moderate sum.

Join through a Cash Back Site

If you  are already a member or join a cash backsite such as Top Cash Back you can get a small bonus from signing up through there sites.  I am sure other cashback sites will also offer incentives so check if your a member or one or more.

Top Cash Back offers

Lightspeed £.90

Ciao £0.90

My Survey £0.75

Great Uk Surveys £0.75

If you do feel free to use my affiliate link below currently they will credit us both £1 for doing so.

<a href=''><img style="border:none" src='' alt='TopCashback'/></a>


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