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Review of Rarejob Philippines Work at home part time or full time.

Updated on January 2, 2016
Review of RareJob. Work As An Online English teacher.
Review of RareJob. Work As An Online English teacher. | Source

About the Company.

Primarily, this company caters to the needs of Japanese English learners. Students from this online English conversation school are mostly Japanese business professionals, engineers, doctors, students, and others. English teachers handle students in all levels ranging from 4 to 65 years old.

This company has long been active in the online market reputable existing well over 8 years. They claim to be the number online English conversation school in Japan as completely evident by their long years in the business and unending applicants as well as the obvious patronage by old students.

Japan is said to be the third largest economically successful country in the world, owing to its IT and auto industry. It is without question that this country's economic power is tantamount to other affluent countries. Since English is widely spoken, it is considered to be the international language, hence, why Japanese learners aspire to have a better grasp in the English language to succeed in the international corporate world and become competent enough to achieve even better. In well developed Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea, and others, an excellent English proficiency level can land a promising job with a lucrative earning potential. For reasons above, learning English becomes everyone's lofty goal. Therefore, time and money are invested to fully master the language.

Rarejob has long seen the astonishing English proficiency and not to mention the warm hospitality that Filipinos are quite famous for. To everyone's surprise, teachers here are paid less due to economic and geographical concerns. The decision to tie up with Filipinos to create a double benefit has been an excellent decision by the company. For this decision, Filipinos can work in the comfort of their own home teaching English to Japanese learners. Simultaneously, Filipinos can provide an avenue for Japanese learners to learn and master the English language.

What Are the Advantages of Working With This Company?

Working right in the comfort of your own home is the main advantage of this job. This is considered to be one of the most popular freelancing opportunities for Filipinos and others alike due to the fact that you can save money for transportation fees and enabling one to fork out more money because of these savings. On top of that, this job offers flexible working hours, meaning, a tutor can open any availability that suits him. Moreover, there is countless incentive offered by the company. I will not go into extensive details here because their incentives change over time. In a nutshell, a good teaching performance, punctuality, and a number of open hours will earn you loads of mullah.

How Do I Apply?

Like any other company and as mentioned in my previous review with 51 talk, they have almost the same steps in conducting their recruitment process. Firstly, fill up the registration form with obviously, your complete personal details, especially your contact information where you can be reached. If ever you are working for another company and your purpose in applying for a tutor is for an additional income, do not indicate that you are working for another company, otherwise, your application will be rejected. Then, a confirmation email will be sent directly to indicate the completion of your submission as well as further steps in the application process. The next step is the assessment phase where an interview will be scheduled together with a demo lesson. After completing this, all the necessary requirements asked by the company should be submitted. This is mainly comprised of photos, credentials, tax information, audio/video introduction. Further, a training will also be provided for you and once completed, you are ready to open schedules and start teaching students.

Applying for a job position as a tutor is easy. Having a neutral and close to a native American accent is a plus and will likely earn you more attention from Japanese students, thus, increasing your revenue. It also helps if you have teaching credentials like TESOL or TFL, but not a necessity. IELTS is also a plus as it is one of the common measures of English proficiency levels. Internet speed of around 2 Mbps is necessary, a good working USB headset, web cameras are all you need to succeed in this field.

Teaching materials are all provided by the company, so you need not fret on the unknown fear screwing up in the midst of the class. As long as you can maintain an enjoyable conversation with students, you are likely to gain more students and earn lots.

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Let's Not Forget About the Salary

The most important information which I believe is one of the main reason you google searched for "how to apply for rare job," "how much do I earn in rare job," is the salary. Of course!

Classes are, like others, 25 minute and 50-minute classes. This is the standard in the Japanese-English online conversation school industry.

To put it bluntly, if you are a neophyte tutor, a starting salary of 80 pesos per 50 minutes will be implemented. If you have around 2 years or more teaching experience under your belt, the starting salary is 100 pesos per 50 minutes. Divide it by two and that will give you the rate of a 25-minute class. These figures are after taxes. Depending on the number of classes you have, and the incentives, you can earn more.

Do you have questions for me? I'm always happy to help!

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