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Right Time To Coach

Updated on September 20, 2014

Coaching is a focused conversation that facilitates learning and performance improvement in the company. When is the right time to do a coaching?

There are several indicators that a person needs a coaching session as follows:

1. In a particular situation that need to boost up the performance

2. If the person know how to do a task/job, but this person having difficulty in completing the task

3. When a person is in need of resources in order to achieve his/her goal while he/she doesn’t have that kind of resources.

If we are in those particular conditions like the above, it is natural for us asking help from others so that we can get out of trouble. We need someone or something that could help us sees the problem very clearly and can make effective decisions because we can not think and act properly. In these conditions, the role of "coaching" is needed.

A leader or manager should understand when to use coaching as approach/tools to help their subordinates at the time when they have the ability and skills but they are facing lack of motivation, passion, confidence and need encouragement at hand. In contrary, a lot of managers, supervisors or leaders just care about the ability of the subordinates and not about their subordinates’ strength of will and this is wrong.

For them who work as a manager or supervisor or leader, do think and implement these simple steps as follows:
1. Take your time thinking about your employees and your colleagues at work
2. Make a checklist of what their subordinates regard as an obstacle in the work
3. Reread and understand the checklist
4. Checklist what are the things that are to the ability and not to the willpower
5. Checklist of things that are associated with motivation, energy, focus, interpersonal, or things that is invisible to the eye but is not related to skill in finishing the work.

Timing Is Important

As already described above, coaching is a tool that should be used by managers to progress forward and attain the success. When used in a timely manner and in an appropriate manner, coaching is a tool that can make a manager's life easier in doing his job. Therefore, it should be recognized when the right time in doing the coaching and when not to, is a skill that is as important as doing the coaching itself.


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