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Rules To Put A Photograph In Your Resume

Updated on January 4, 2011

This is part of the 'Parts A Resume' group of hubs.

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In some countries it is against the law to ask for a photograph.  Employers cannot ask you for a photograph, but in most this rule is easily flouted.

It is worse in countries where there is no such law to worry about.

Some employers ask for passport size photographs and full length photographs too!

You may also not be able to send one in an online application.

However, most recruiters (especially the ones working with customer service organizations) will ask for it sooner or later.

It is a good idea to scan your photograph and put it on the resume. The upper right hand corner is a good place for the same.

Some pointers

  • Get a professional to shoot your photograph - You should invest in your photograph.  see some sample work of the photographer.  See how is has shot others before you. You may even want to take the opinion of people who were successfully recruited by the company you are applying to.  Some photographers specialize in certain fields.  I know of some who are considered experts for cabin crew portfolio shots.
  • Be well groomed - There is no excuse for this.  This is going to go to your prospective employer.  Be the very best, you can.
  • Be dressed appropriately - as per the industry, as per your body type, as per the position (designation) you are applying for.
  • Smile - from within.  let the smile travel to your eyes.
  • For some positions you may need a full length photograph. I would advice take one and keep it. Send it when required. This way the small size (usually passport or thumbnails) & the full-length will be part of one set.

This is part of the 'Parts A Resume' group of hubs.

To go to the start page, click here


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