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Rumbling Grumblings

Updated on October 13, 2012

Disclaimer: Those who are proud of working in an IT industry and have absolutely no issues with anything related to the industry, please close this hub right way! This note expresses the feelings of the author alone and any resemblance to any person living/dead was not definitely intentional, but could be a coincidence intended!

I am a bioengineering graduate working in an IT company. I am sure this statement will explain what this hub is about. Yes, it is indeed about working in an IT industry.

I happened to be a "non-invited" participant of a conversation in the lift in my office - I can't say I overheard it because they were loud! There were 4 guys discussing about buying flats. They were quoting prices nothing below 50 Lakhs! 50 lakhs, what a huge amount and they are easily talking about buying the house, taking a loan etc. This is the confidence/arrogance that the IT industry bestows on people.

I personally feel, driving a bus, cleaning a restroom, fixing a broken pipeline etc require more skills than what at least 40% of software engineers do! The difference in the amount they earn at the end of the day cannot be compared! Why does an IT professional earn so much? Does he/she deserve it? Honest self retrospection, if done, I am sure at least 60% of people in Software Industry will tell that they get paid more than they actually work for.

The sad thing is, most of the people in IT industry are not happy with the amount they earn, greed is the word! 50k a month, not enough, fight in the next appraisal, do anything to get the hike! Stoop down to any level, money is the magic word! The culture is passed on by the organization, do anything to get money from Client! Bluff, cheat, recruit freshers and show them as experienced, try to make lots and lots of profit,and, the employees are not given proportionally.

Work ethics seems to be worst in this industry than in others. For anything and everything, if you have your Manager's good will, you can achieve it! Fight for onsite, even if you have zero communication skills. Everyone thinks that they are doing something great, when they are actually doing nothing! Project yourself even if you did a work that could be completed in 2 minutes, in 2 hours! You worked for 2 hours!

Many many projects in many companies have work that can be performed by a "Computer Literate" 10 std pass/fail student. They hire Engineers, no matter in which discipline you hold the degree. Tell Clients, they have engineers to do the "Authentication/Authorization" work!

Do not be straight forward, dare not to be honest, do not question your manager, do not question on anything at all. Be proactive, dedicated and sincere to the manager, not necessarily to your work! Slog and slog and slog for your project forgetting your personal life. Travel half your life just to reach office and reach home back after work.

On the one hand, there are managers and others who hardly stay for 4-5 hours in office but expect others to be a good role-model. On the other hand, there are these poor people who are made to work extra hours, stay in office even if there is no work!

I am not sure if the same plight exists in other industries, but I believe since they are quite old and not as new as IT, they will have better work ethics and culture. I am also sure that there are some people and some projects in some companies which have good work culture and better ethics than others.

All said and done, I know there are lot of people, including me, who stay in this field just for the pay check at the end of the month, which is very much necessary for them and their family. Some, including me, are not sure what to do, if not IT. Others, including me, are waiting for the right break to just get the hell out!

This hub is dedicated to all IT people who have similar thoughts and for those who fall in the list listed in the above paragraph! This hub is also an appreciation note to all the core line people who had the guts and passion to go for it and not IT!


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    • Deepika Arun profile image

      Deepika Arun 5 years ago from Chennai, India

      Thanks Pooja! :)

    • poojasd7 profile image

      poojasd7 5 years ago from India

      Loved this one too! :D I have found someone who is echoing my feelings and thoughts about the so-called lucrative IT field.