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SEO Checklist for New Websites

Updated on October 28, 2011

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for a website or article to place high enough in search engine results to get noticed. This SEO checklist outlines some SEO tips that the author of the article or website owner can follow to ensure that they receive traffic to their webpage. Though much more could be included, this SEO checklist for new websites can give the website owner a good start in building effective SEO.

Choose Keywords Carefully

A keyword is a word or phrase that people use to search for websites. Those who create websites or write articles for websites use keywords that are relevant to their content to attract visitors. When someone is starting a website, the person should avoid keywords that have a lot of competition. Simple, one-word keywords often have many established websites competing for them.

Those who write articles or are starting a blog or website should focus on longer keyword phrases called long-tails. To determine how much traffic is competing for a specific phrase, the person can search that term on Google and judge the results to see if they could compete with those websites appearing in the top of the Google results.

Include the Keyword in the Title and Description

Whatever keywords are chosen for targets should appear in the URL, title, and the description for the page. A website owner may have one main keyword phrase for each webpage of the website. The keyword should be included in the title of the page and the URL. People should avoid overusing the keyword on the page. It used to be considered beneficial to repeat the keyword numerous times on the page. Now, it's better for search results and for the readers' experience to include variations of the keyword and related keywords in natural ways rather than forcing repetition of the same keyword.

Provide Quality Content

If your content resembles spam, it is less likely to rank high on Google and even risks being banned from indexing. Spam-like websites may have Google violations like having hidden text or descriptions that do not relate to the page's content. In general, a website owner who provides quality articles and content is more likely to have people link to their website. Google views links to the website as a sign that the website is of good quality. Therefore, the number of links to the website is a factor in Google ranking.

Keep Informed about Google Changes

Google often changes their algorithms. What was previously helpful to a page's ranking with Google can become harmful when Google changes their ways of assigning priority to pages. One way to stay informed about Google changes is to view their YouTube videos on the Google Webmaster Central Channel. In the Google YouTube videos, Matt Cutts, a software engineer at Google, answers common questions people have about website indexing and ranking with Google.  

Expert SEO Services

Consider hiring a web marketing company. Here's an example of an SEO company that provides an option for paying only when the website owner gets the desired results. This can be beneficial since the website owners don't pay upfront and hope that they see results as if often the case. (You can use your browser's translate feature if necessary.)

I hope you found this SEO checklist to be a helpful outline of some SEO tips for articles or a new website. Please remember that there are many other SEO techniques that should be used to promote the website and gain traffic. The information in this article is just a starting point for new webpages.


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      searchineer 6 years ago from Melbourne

      Liked the first point...

      I would like to add, KEEP YOUR SUPER FAST, as this is one of the factors that is very very important...

      Good one Sheila... voted up...