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SEO Copywriting Services: What Is Organic Search?

Updated on April 12, 2010

SEO Copywriting Services: What Is Organic Search?

If you market online, it’s imperative that you understand some basic SEO guidelines. Organic search is one of them. It’s an easy, free way to compete with even the most deep-pocketed competitor. Following is an explanation of what organic search is and why you should invest in SEO content.

The official definition of organic search is:

Listing found on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to their being advertisements. [Source: Wikipedia]

Search Engine Marketing Basics: The Two Ways to Get Found Online

There are basically two ways to get found online. You can pay for advertising, eg, pay per click marketing. Or, you can invest in SEO content and be found for free by web surfers looking for your type of product/service (eg, get found via organic search).

If you have a small online marketing budget – or a nonexistent internet marketing budget, investing in SEO content is the best way to get found online. Proof?

Organic Search Results vs Paid Search Results

Why You Don’t Have to Spend Money to Get Found Online: Organic Search Results Can Pay Off Big!

Studies have shown that web surfers are more likely to click on an organic search result (aka natural search result) than a paid listing. This helps to explain why organic search visitors convert nearly 30 percent more than paid search visitors.

This may be because they’re finding what they’re looking for because organic search results also tend to contain more information that is directly relevant to the subject a web surfer is searching for than paid results.

Organic Search: Where Are Paid Ads and Where are Free Ads

When you go to a search engine like Google and conduct a web search, links will pop up (see graphic that accompanies this hub).

The links to the right-hand side of the page are called “Sponsored Links.” Sponsored links are also usually at the very top of the page before the organic results. Again, refer to the graphic that accompanies this hub to see what I mean.

Sponsored Links are paid advertisements and can cost a mint, depending on the niche you’re in and how fierce the competition is.

On the other hand, organic search results don’t cost anything. But, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to invest something to show up high in these results.

The Power of Organic Search: #1 Out of 16,000,000 Million SERPs

Note: In the graphic that accompanies this hub, the #1 organic result (out of 15,900,000 million results returned as of this writing) happens to be an article written by me. The keyword phrase used to conduct the search is "seo writing".

And that, folks, is the power of organic search. How many more sales could you make if you ranked like this for a keyword phrase pertinent to your industry?

How to Get Your Site Ranked High in Search Engines – for Free

The best way to rank high in organic search results is to have informative content on your site that is search engine optimized. This means doing keyword research, writing content using SEO guidelines, continually submitting new content to search engines (eg, article marketing), having good site navigation, etc.

Learn more about organic search in SEO Copywriting Services: How to Convert 30% or More of Your Website Traffic Using Long-Tail Keywords.

Get professional, affordable SEO content -- and start riding the wave of success organic search results can produce.


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