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SEO Writing: How to Repurpose All of Your SEO Content and Double Your Web Traffic & Sales

Updated on April 20, 2010

If you market on the web, you know that SEO content is king. It drives traffic and increases sales. But, it must be done consistently to get the best results. This is why repurposing, or recycling if you will, your SEO articles, SEO blog posts, marketing materials and other written content can really pay off – big!

SEO Writing Insight: Why the Way Most Web Marketers Use SEO Content Is All Wrong

“Why?” you may be wondering. Because they will upload it to their website or blog – and that’s it. This in and of itself not wrong, but it is, for lack of a better term, wasteful. And in a “green” world, that’s the last thing any of us want to be, right?

All kidding aside, so much more mileage can be wrung out of one piece of SEO content than just posting it to your blog or website.

Following is a three-step plan to double, triple or quadruple your website traffic – and possibly your sales.

Step 1 to Getting More Mileage Out of Your SEO Articles and Blog Posts

Write a Foundational SEO Article: A foundational article is an original, in-depth piece of content that you upload to your website or blog “only.” It is not to be published anyplace else.

Step 2 to Getting More Mileage Out of Your SEO Content

Write an Article Marketing Article: What is this? It’s a 400 word article that you carve out of your foundational content article. For example, if your foundational article is 800 or 1,000 words long, you have more than enough content there to carve out a second, original article.

Don’t just copy and paste 400 words from your foundational article. Rewrite 400 original words from this content. Why 400 words? Because most article directories require articles to be at least this long.

It can be the same subject, you just phrase it differently so that it’s considered unique content from a search engine standpoint. Distribute this to a few (4, 5 or 6) top-rated, free article directories.

Step 3 to Getting More Mileage Out of Your SEO Writing

Write yet a third unique, 400-word article from your foundational article. This one will be distributed to what I call “link juice sites.” These can be anything from free press release sites, to popular freelance writing sites like Hubpages.

These sites are indexed frequently by search engines like Google. This means that if you post a piece of content there, it can literally start being returned in search results in a few hours or less.

Final SEO Writing Tip for Repurposing Content

In essence you’re distributing one piece of content at least three times (your site/blog, an article marketing directory and a link-juice site), and really much more because SEO content published in article directories can be republished hundreds or even a few thousand times.

If you do this a couple of times a week, you can easily expect to at least double your website traffic in a few months time – and maybe even triple or quadruple it. And that’s the value of SEO writing and content distribution.

Get more details about repurposing your SEO content.

Interested in this form of web writing as a career? Learn exactly what SEO copywriters do and how much they make.


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    • dward29 profile image

      dward29 7 years ago from Lake Arrowhead

      This is a great piece that pulls it together more for each of us - thank you.

      Coach Donna L. Ward