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Updated on July 25, 2009

Success in business is the dream of every entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs very much wish to have consistent profits, name and fame in the industry, customers' respect and a fabulous life style. But business success will only be a wishful and self-perpetuating thinking if the business owner does not cultivate a few habits.

1. Entrepreneurs have to manage several people during the course of conduct of their business. Employees, customers, suppliers, consultants, and a host of others have to be managed. This is not about how to manipulate those below and also not about being manipulated by those above. This is about how people are managed so as to make the best use of situations. This is a testament to your human relationship skills. Such relationships help you in getting optimum support and cooperation from these people. Apart from achieving exponential growth and significant enhancement in business, there is a lot more that is achieved from such relationships.

2. Customers are the very purpose of any business. Entrepreneurs should mainly aim at and should be committed to customer satisfaction. Fulfilling the customers' requirements should be the focus. The erstwhile concept of profit-earning has now been relegated to the background. If customers are satisfied, they will turn loyal and you can get very good referrals and repeat-orders from them.

3. Frequent SWOTanalysis helps you to spot your weaknesses and correct them. You should be honest when you do this SWOT analysis. All your resources should be spent on developing and strengthening your strong points rather than on fixing your weaknesses. By doing so, you become invincible and infallible in your strong areas. At the same time, the weak points can be rectified by seeking help and support from appropriate sources.

4. Though you should have a solid plan to succeed in your business, you may find road-blocks along the way which may necessitate changes in your plans. Business is not a relentless automation. It is a game of uncertainties and surprises. Sanity demands that you should adapt suitably and steer yourself towards your target with the necessary changes in your plans. Such a flexibility is an essential habit you should develop to realize your vision.

5. Problems and opportunities are both sides of the same coin. Every problem comes with a kernel of opportunity in it. You should think out-of-the-box to recognize these opportunities and utilize them appropriately to achieve your target.

6. There is always a scope for improvement. Learning and innovation are continuous processes. Business success is in knowing, knowing and knowing more and observing. It is really fascinating to watch how your knowledge and innovations take you to near-perfection and make things easy in your conduct of your business.

7. Businessis a whole-time affair. But you should compartmentalize your activities into routine tasks, goal-driven tasks and time for your own-self which includes time for your personal activities and family. This needs a little planning but this will go a long way in doing successful business with peace. The bottom-line of success in business is better governance. If you are serious and sincere about success in your business, about dedicating your time and energy for achieving the ends of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, you should pursue these validated ideas and you are certain to shape the success you conceived.


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