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SPIN Selling

Updated on January 15, 2010

SPIN selling is developed after study of sales presentations and sales call at extreme level. Its as simple as 2+2=4, SPIN selling is acronym of four different types of Questions or combination of four types of questions. 

  1. Situation Questions
  2. Problem Questions
  3. Implication Questions
  4. Need Pay Off Questions
  • Situation Questions include those kinds of questions which may give the Sales Staff background information of prospect
  • Problem Questions are asked to know actually problem of person sales staff is meeting likewise, Does your computer hang when you try to scan a picture?
  • Implication Questions are asked to make prospect realize about the seriousness of the problem as USING medicated Soap to wash hands while swine flue viruses are affecting humans, is Swine Flue Vaccinations beneficial for one
  • Need Pay Off Questions are live, I've solution for you, are you interested? This is simply destination of any Salesman or Saleswoman to sell the product.


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