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Sabriya Jefferson's Event Planning Blog-Week 2

Updated on June 15, 2011

My second week of my internship was only two days (because I went on vacation). However, the two days that I was working were productive. I had the assignment to find the contact information of a couple of stores that may be interested in being a sponsor in our Bridal Expo event. This was a little challenging. Most companies do not have the personal email contact for their corporate officials on the main website and there is no information on who the local managers are for retail stores either.

So what I did to overcome this issue was to figure out the best way to word what I used to search for the information. The best person to contact about decisions in the company is the CEO. They are the main decision makers and they would also be able to give the best information about whom else to contact. So in the search engine I would type in “CEO of [company name] contact information”. Keep in mind when using any search engine you have to make sure that the information is current and from a good source.

I also started to think of people and companies to contact about being a part of the Financial Empowerment event, to which I have been assigned. I began to look up contacts with the state government of Maryland and Virginia that work with Labor and Licensing. I also plan on contacting local business owners that may have beneficial information for starter companies on how to expand and give personal experience advice on how to handle certain situations. I already have one business owner, who is a former employer that I think will be a perfect person to bring in.

Altogether a lot was done in this short period of time.

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