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Salary negotiation techniques in time of Crisis

Updated on February 5, 2010

We are passing hard times. Practical speaking, this year, most of the negotiations will be about keeping the level of the income and perhaps about keeping the j

I hope you will read with pleasure this hub and use it when you are in need. This I learned to one of my negotiation courses in college.

The preparing for the negociation

An essential thing that come under a successful negociation require knowledge in detail of your negotiation partner. You must know many things about him. The biggest mistake that people dois that, even they know much about partner, they don`t notice them. Put into your negociation partner shoe and the odds of success will rise with at least 30%. In this case you shoul put into your boss shoes and try to think like him, hear like him, feel like him, see like him, take decisions like him.

Two reference questions that can measure your odds for raising your salary and/or work conditions :

1. In what way hiring somebody else assume additional costs?

2. In what way your job can be taken over by a new employee?

The key elements that have/may have connection with the negociation of the salary

Prepare the REAL answers, estimate this situation fairly.

1. The rate of company dependence up to your work there.

2. Rate of inflation.

3. Your elementary costs for upkeeping your house, transportation costs or other constant expenses.

4. Company situation ( development/undevelopment/bad image/hiring/reduce of personnel ).

5. Availability/ Potency of the company to offer a higher salary.

6. The average salary on the market for the same position you are at the moment.

7. What were the situation where the company had offered increasing of salary?

8. What other responsabilities you wold be willing to assume?

9. What is your value for your boss and for the company?

10. Are you willing to work more in order to receive a higher salary?

11. What are your abilities, in order to be rehired by another company, having the same responsabilities, but a higher salary?

12. What is your boss point of view about the matter of rising the salary?

13. What would determine him to offer a higher salary? Try corelate this to your objectives within the company and to the company objectives.

14. Find that reason for offering you an increasement of salary.

Expand your expectation

What it really means a salary? We oftem think, when we say salary at how much we are gaining. The perfect workplace includes everything you get for your activity and how you get these benefits. If we are thinking of money only we won`t have a correct impresion of the way we are being rewarded. These aspects should be arguments for your negotiation :

- Bonuses

- Day of work

- Holiday

- Time of work

- expenses with trasportation

- official trips

- insurance

- fixed salary

- space of work

- equipment of work

- the power of decision

- promotion possibilities

Let`s negociate the salary. Four key advices

1. AskĀ  for a meeting with your boss in a proper moment. Do not tell him from the begining that you want an increasement of your salary.Choose the right time and place !

2. While you are talking, try to mention the same argument that your boss is mentioning ussualy. If your boss is not willing to do that favor to none of his employees, try to find out what would persuade him to do this.

3. In case the answer is negative and you are not offered any variant in order to content you, you can ask WHY is not possible ?

4.In the same case you can go further, you may say : "In this case, it is verry possible to look for another job, because I undersatand that is not available for the moment a higher salary, but unffurtunatly, I have some expenses that I can not cover. Obviosly this side is not delighiting me. ( this is the last trying ).

If you are decided to speak, you must be carreful how you do it. Chose the right tone, in such way that not sounds like a threat.

12 Motives for being offered a salary raise

1. Your recent achievement.

2. Your extra achievement within the company .

3. Fulfilment of company tasks on time.

4.The (Informal) management that you have practiced.

5. Your suggestions were the best.

6.Global quantification of your achievements.

7. Your qualifications.

8. Your abbilities.

9. The new tasks that you are willing to assume.

10. Your efficiency : number of tasks/time.

11. The raising of the salary would lead to a better quality of life, and off course that reflects in your work.

12. Because you are asking it.

You can use those last reasons like a questionnaire to establish a barometer to see your chances of success before starting the negotiation of the salary. If you can give arguments for 10 of 12 points, means that your odds to receive a raising are big and you are really deserve it.

The disappointment from work lead us to that decision : " I am going to leave my job."It is an interesting position, still this decisions ignores those questions :

- How can this job improve my life?

- What makes me think I would not find this situation on another workplace?

- How do I know it would not be worst? What things makes me belive the boss, the colleagues or the salary will be more satisfied on another job?

Those are only a few questions, the list may continue. Sometimes we have clues of answering these questions. I know a lot of people who have changed their job and they discovered that was not a good decision.

Do not forget : Is always place for better, but also for worst!

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    • caticorina profile image

      caticorina 7 years ago from Italy

      tnx ..

    • Olojo Oluwasegun profile image

      Olojo Oluwasegun 7 years ago from Lagos Nigeria

      Nice Hub. Exactly one needs to think and... like his or her partner. Dint get to finish reading it but i think you did a good job. take good care of yourself caticorina