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Sales Training │Know the Basics About Sales

Updated on July 2, 2014
Sales people
Sales people

Everyone is engaged in the process of selling to some degree whether they realize it or not. In the business world, the most successful salespeople are those who have mastered the basic art of selling and are energetic self-starters. Sales is a very competent occupation that is worth mentioning on the onset, and thus requires your commitment and honesty to doing well and being a successful salesperson.

Mastering the art of selling means projecting the right attitude and image, ethically approaching sales and following up effectively. It is a game and feeling confident in these skills means the difference between a mediocre salesperson and a great person.

In Sales Training Basics, you will learn ways to communicate with customers and co-workers, build a clientele by using honesty and humor, give and receive, and make the most out of every sales opportunity. You want to be an ethical, experienced and competent salesperson, than this article is yours.

Objectives of this Basic Sales Training

I have developed three general learning objectives to guide you, the reader, to the core issues covered in this article. The Objectives are listed;

1. To explain characteristics of successful salespeople

2. To give tips on how to sell successfully

3. To discuss specific selling situations

Attitude and Selling Success

Your attitude determines your personality, which plays a pivotal role in your success as a sales person. Your attitude towards yourself, the product you sell and to whom you sell the product determines whether you become successful in a sales career and reap the wonderful benefits that come with it or miss out. Some say successful salespeople are born and not made. This is not true. Successful salespeople are either born or made and what maters the most is the attitude.

Successful Salespeople vs. Unsuccessful salespeople

The difference between successful and unsuccessful salespeople is usually a matter of SENSITIVITY, SINCERITY, ATTTITUDE, & SELLING SKILLS - all of which can be learned. Let’s compare few selected traits of successful and unsuccessful salespeople.

My list

(click column header to sort results)
Successful Salespeople  
Unsuccessful salespeople  
Maintain positive attitude
Maintain negative attitude
Learn and apply proven sales techniques
Do not learn and apply proven sales techniques
Listen to their prospects
Do not listen to their prospects
Have thorough knowledge of their products
Lack thorough knowledge about their products
Manage their time and set priorities
Do not manage their time and don’t set priorities
Effective problems solvers
Ineffective problem solves
Enjoy selling process
Don’t enjoy selling process

Simple Exercise

Lets do a litte exercise to shake your mind up. In the blank table goven below, list down the traits which you think I should add to the list of my Successful Vs. Unsuccesful salespeople.

Your List

Sucessful Salespeople
Unsuccesful salespeole

Effective sales module

Effective sales module
Effective sales module | Source

How to Play the Selling Game

The process of selling closely resembles the game of baseball as illustrated and described below.

Getting to First Base

Getting to the fist base is the most important step. Make your approach to the prospect PROFESIONAL, PERCEPTIVE and POSITIVE. A true prospect is someone who has the need for what you sell, the authority to buy it, and the money to pay for it. It os foolish for you to run out at home because you didn’t qualify the prospect in the first place.

Tips to get to first base

Send friendly non-verbal signals. A warm smile, solid eye contact, god posture, grooming and the way you walk are all adds up to the person you are and the product you sell. Above all, your attitude is imporatant.

Use a verbal greeting that is sincere, warm and natural-What you say it and how you say it is important to both you and the prospect

Demonstrate and immediate desire to help-act more like a consultant or advisor than a person selling something. This means asking questions, listeting to your prospects etc.

Discover customer needs - You cant really understand your prospects if you don’t understansd their needs. Find out through asking questions. If you cant honestly solve their problem, say so.

Get to the 2nd Base

To every professional salespeople, "Everyday is a new ball game". Sometime you do everything right and strike out. Othertimes, you dont. And you still remain positive, looking ahead for an onother new day with a new ball game to play.

To get the the second base, you have to have a thorough knowledge about your product. This is vital when it comes to PRESENTATION. To convince or persuade your prospect, you have to now your product back to front, up and down.

Few tips

  1. Find hot buttons: What is the reason that the prospect should buy from you. Ist it the cost, performance, status etc.
  2. Use visuals: Show and tell is more convincving than just the word of mouth
  3. Ask for feedback: It is vital to know if you prospect is following or not. Do this by asking questions such as "Does that make sense? Will that solve your proble?
  4. Tell a complete story: Never leave your prospect guessing. Tell all necessaru details he needs to know before deciding. If you dont know, be honest. Honesty is good in the long run.

Get to 3rd Base

To get the 3rd base, avoid asking premature questions. You have done a good job by passing 1st and 2nd base. Now this time, allow your prospect to present objections. Be ready to handle the objections tactfully and positively. handles this well and you are ready to close the sale.

Close the sale

You can go as far as the third base and still loose the sale and this is very frustrating. Few things you should do is to; summarise advantage of the product, clearify the payment arrangement and usef powerful closing remarks. See example below

"It appears youhave found the solution to your prblem, why delay?"...Do it in the way you feel is powerful enough.

Remember this: Never ever forget to ask for the sale.Simply ask. Thats all I tell you. You know what? Some prosepct just wait for you to ask. Go ahead and blast the question.

Lets cross examine you

  • Are you the type pf salesperson that remains positive and are willing to learn and improve yourself?
  • Do you know your product well?
  • Do you aply proven selling techniques?
  • Do you manage your time and set priorities?
  • Do you enjoy selling?

If your answer to many of these questions is NO, than I am pretty sure, you can learn and improve yourself or better take an out on sale career.

Sales process

They say pictures speaks thousands words than the words themselves. Great. Now, ley me simply capitalise on that fact and present you the whole sales process in one diagram below.

Sales procedure summarised

Sales procedures
Sales procedures | Source

Summary on Sales Training

Sales Training Basics will showed you how to communicate with customers and co-workers, build a clientele by using honesty and humor, give and receive, and make the most out of every sales opportunity. Read, understand and apply the knowlege learnt. That is the best way to test your self.


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