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Scary, Creepy, Skin-Crawling Jobs

Updated on November 17, 2007
"So, how was your day?"
"So, how was your day?"

In need of something for which to be truly grateful this Thanksgiving? How about the fact that you are not currently employed in any of the following professions against your will? Here are a few jobs that are not for the faint of heart (or stomach)...

* Subway Tunnel Inspector- These are the brave men and women who check for any problems with the infrastructure of underground transit, all while being serenaded by the high-pitched screech of subway trains as they rattle along the tracks of the neighboring tunnels. Besides a good set of ear-plugs, subway tunnel inspectors need to be able to balance on the narrow ledges that overlook the tracks, and be mindful of any lights at the end of the tunnel.

* Test Pilot- To be a test pilot, you must be able to understand a test plan, fly a plane in a highly specific way, carefully document the results of each test, have an excellent feel for the aircraft, and sense exactly how it is behaving (this means being aware of something going wrong, and then remaining calm enough to figure out what to do), and finally, you must accept that multiple things can go wrong at once. You also need to have an excellent knowledge of aeronautical engineering, in order to understand how you are testing and why. Unlike the popular representation of these individuals as a special breed of hot-shot daredevil, test pilots have to be incredibly precise and professional in their flying.

* Mystery writer- In the cut-throat publishing industry, authors face the very frightening (and common) possibility of complete rejection and unpaid bills. However, mystery writers may have an even more difficult challenge: escaping the darkness inside their own minds. These writers need to develop tales of grim, gore, and grisly details on a daily basis... and then be able to sell them to an editor. Ah, the horror...

* Entomologist- These scientists spend their lives studying insects, arachnids... bugs. As such, they get to physically handle all manner of wonderful things like emperor scorpions, tarantulas, centipedes, etc. They also may choose to study any range of topics from monarch butterflies to maggots.

* Mortician- Also known as undertakers, this classically creepy profession involves overseeing all funeral arrangements for the deceased, including details of body preparation for viewing and preparing the body itself.

* Embalmer- The hands-on counterpart to morticians. Embalmers prepare corpses for burial or cremation by washing, drying and disinfecting the body; releasing excess air from the lungs; draining blood from the circulatory system and replacing it with embalming fluid and applying cosmetics to create a more lifelike appearance. I feel pretty...

* Grave digger/Cemetery worker- Fairly self-explanatory. However, something you may not know is that these folks make more money than your average entry-level journalist: $33,601. Cemetery workers' salaries are determined by whether the individual is working for a distinguished cemetery and whether the location is non-profit, according to the International Cemetery and Funeral Association.

* Department Store Santa- Black Friday, Red Saturday, a hot, furry suit, itchy-beard, and a sea of little children all clamoring for the latest, greatest, and most-awesome present ever, accompanied by stressed, short-tempered parents who are giving you the evil eye. Need I say more?


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    • profile image

      Jimmy Davis 

      6 years ago

      i want to be a grave digger

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      youm ruir uriiiiewh iii wii

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Funny.... I currently hold 3 of the jobs mentioned above :) In fact, your photo illustrates something I'll be doing in about 25 minutes! You're right, these aren't the most glamorous jobs and it takes a special breed of cat to do it. But I've had enough glamor in my life, bring on the yucky stuff :)


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