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Searching For The Best Recruitments – Get Insights Of Your New Personnel!!

Updated on April 23, 2015

“Recruiters strive to find ideal candidates while recruits strive for an ideal job.”

The market is full of talented and qualified candidates, but still recruiters find it hard to find an ideal candidate. Why? The fact is that it’s always about the ‘hunt for the best’, searching for the one who can outperform others in the race. But, finding the perfect talent from the ocean of candidates is definitely not a child’s play.

As the end requirements are not met completely, the industry started to utilize the newly recruited employees to fulfill their commitments. This forces employees to undergo intense training period so that they can prove their caliber, although such candidates always remained the dark horses in the game. The question still remained:


If an organization is ready to invest its resources and capital on a trainee; then what is the need to look around for a skilled personnel for the same job?

It will surely be a complete waste of money, time and the efforts involved in any way. This led to an entirely new perspective for the recruiters while hiring worthy professionals. They initiated with the close monitoring of their day-to-day tasks which ultimately implied that “the newly hired employees undergo more pressure and put all their efforts in moving to a permanent job role”. This has not only shifted their attention to recruiting trainees but also started picking the best amongst them.

Sources suggest around 18% of the temporary jobs are converted to permanent, provided organizations cater the employees with a golden fruit of their potential. If an employee adheres to the organizational expectations and delivers productive outcomes, then he/she has some very good chances of getting a permanent position within the organization.


Thus, it is important that freshers enter the industry with expectations that are realistic. They can seize an opportunity and grab a permanent role if their performance shows the traces of team dynamics and is a best-fit according to the company’s work culture.

With the help of TeamWise, recruiters can classify the candidates based on their eligibility and performance criteria. This eventually helps them to pick the best talents among the lot and get more benefits from the resource, company has invested in. It saves a plenty of time, assort data as per requirements and put them under a consideration list.


Test Your Recruitment Knowledge!!

Before opening a vacancy request, what things should you consider?

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Drawing a conclusion, it can be said that when an organization already possess a wide pool of talent then it is just a waste of time to go out and search for the new talent. Recruiters can always look into the possibilities that their workforce already possess and move some worthy to the permanent positions.



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