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Secrets to Workforce Motivation and Success

Updated on January 6, 2013

Motivating Your Workforce

There are numerous ways in which labor management software can help to streamline your business, cutting waste and increasing productivity are at the top of that list. Warehouse and distribution employees are the greatest cost to any operation, representing 60 percent of the total operating expenses. The only way to get any company to grow is on the back of its labor force. For your labor force to comply with the needs of the growing company, management must comply with the needs and desires of the company's workforce. Once you understand how to best utilize your labor force, you'll be able to unlock the secrets to labor management success. Having the right tools for any job is the key to accomplishing your professional goals. In today's modern, computer driven workplace, it is vital to have the correct software in place to grow with demand.

What labor management software does, is help management to more efficiently acclimate their available work force, to the tasks at hand. All labor intensive activities that involve inventory such order pulling, shipping and receiving are monitored by the software and analyzed against preset work standards. The software can then report performance issues and how well the standards are being met, all in real time. All reports can be made in different unit levels, individual or team performance. With this up to the minute information, managing supervisors can tend to any ill performing areas in their labor force. This will allow them to be remedied before they can become a hindrance to the overall productivity of your entire operation.

Once performance is measured and any setbacks in the fluid operation of the labor force have been addressed, warehouse managers can then arrange workers to strengthen any weak spots in the operation in preparation for upcoming workloads. Adjustments can be made to incentive pay programs. Unbiased performance evaluations can then be conducted and top performing employees rewarded accordingly.

When employees are performing at a predefined standard, a company can then better meet customer demand. Implementing labor management software is one of the secrets to labor management success. Reports have shown that the implementation of labor management software has been responsible for increases in productivity by between 10 percent and more than twenty percent. This will raise company morale by evening out the workload across the entire workforce and rewarding excelling performance.

Setting a work standard is the key to the implementation of any successful labor management software and also one of the secrets to labor management success. The best way to calculate a work standard, is to review what has worked in the past, which can be acquired from labor management software archives.

Achieving proper work standards is an important step in the implementation of a successful labor management software program, however, probably equally as important is where it starts. To make this program work efficiently the majority of users begin in one area of their operation, such as receiving before broadening the scope of its implementation.

Another of the secrets to labor management success is the importance of the human part of this equation and that it's not just about getting the software properly implemented, but for any labor management program to work, you have to keep in mind that you are working with people and people will respond to feeling appreciated. If need be, you must change your management principles to allow for human error. Any good manager should lead by example.


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