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Security Management Training

Updated on January 31, 2016

In an ever growing climate of constant threats of violence and acts of terror, more and more people are looking to change careers and play an active role in security management.

A challenge for many however is how they can actively go about training in a new career like this whilst they are already in a job. Since economically things still aren’t as stable as they were 10 years ago, people are still apprehensive about leaving a job to pursue training in a completely different discipline which is understandable since you’re not guaranteed a job right away in your new field.

Learning in the digital age

In light of this, and the growth in people wanting to change to a career in security management, ISMTA have developed a niche concept whereby those wishing to get into the security sector are able to do so whilst still in their current job.

This is done through the use of online reading materials and is not unlike the Open University whereby people can learn about security management in the comfort of their own home at night time and at the weekend.

The biggest benefit of this is that people are still able to earn whilst they learn, thereby removing the worry of paying for a course without bringing in a wage at the end of the month.

What are the benefits of learning this course?

Under ISMTA, you will be able to learn a wide range of different skills than can really aid your career in security management. The important thing to remember with a course such as this is that it has been designed in such a way that it is an accredited course. What this means is that the course is recognised as a full and complete qualification. Some other courses may offer a similar structure to a course such as this.

However, many of these are not accredited. The downside of this is that many employers now are actively looking for an individual that has the accredited qualification and if you haven’t got this, you’re going to have to spend not only more time, but also more money to get your course recognised as a certified one.

By taking up this course instead, you are cutting out this wasted time and money and will be much more likely to get a job quicker and start earning a better wage.

The course itself has been created by actual experts in the security field. The benefit of this is that you can be certain that everything you learn is up to date and correct and once you have completed your course, you will be able to move onto highly paid jobs. The course itself consists of five modules with it lasting 60 hours in total.

What kind of jobs can you get with this qualification?

Since this is a management qualification, this course qualification could make you eligible for a wide array of jobs. One such area would be organising security measures for highly organised events such as football matches.

Another area whereby you can make an impact is in jobs relating to the transport of prisoners. As you’ll know from watching high profile trials on the news, it is outside security companies which are involved in the transportation of prisoners to and from court to prison. In particularly high profile cases such as murder trials there can be a lot of obstacles in getting the accused moved from location to location.

The training that you’ve previously had in security along with undertaking this management course can really assist you in getting a job with one of these companies and allow you to organise an event such as this.

A similar job route would be running a personal security company for bands. The dangers that surround popular bands and solo artists is constant and many of them do hire an array of security staff to ensure their safety at all times. With a security management qualification, it would be possible to assist them in organising security at each venue, or perhaps even set up your own security management company and delegate the tasks to other in your organisation.


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