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Selection and Consumption of Goods and Services

Updated on February 15, 2010


Every consumer needs water, food, clothing, rest and shelter. These things are needed in order to live. However, everyone has a level of personal needs and wants. You satisfy first your needs, then you satisfy your wants to the extent that your income will allow.

It is difficult to analyze and classify the reasons that induce consumers to buy, since every person has a wide variety of needs and wants. The following are some of the reasons why consumers buy goods and services:

1.      Desire for satisfying appetites. Consumers have a highly developed sense of taste and they want specialized food that satisfies that "taste sensation." Many foods are sold because they satisfy appetites.

For a new food product, providing samples is the better plan, for no one can adequately describe a flavor. The taste must be experienced.

2. Desire for self-preservation. Everyone fears death and disability. Usually, a consumer protects himself against accidents by buying articles such as fire extinguishers, bumpers for cars, safety belts and the like. Others protect themselves against diseases by buying nutritious food, medicines and medi­cal care. The desire for good health is the main reason for buying products such as vitamin pills, invigorating foods, soaps and cleaning compounds and sporting goods.

Many consumers buy sporting goods not because they really like to exercise but because they feel they must exercise in order to keep well.

3. Desire for recognition. There are many consumers who want to be of some importance and to be looked up to by friends. The desire for recognition may result in buying goods such as cosmetics, expensive clothing, jewelry, antiques and many more to help secure the admiration of others. Often, people buy articles that can be demonstrated for it will add to their prestige and enhance their status. Sometimes these goods are called status symbols.

4. Desire to create. The growth of various hobbies in recent years is the result of the desire to create. Boys and girls, as well as men and women grow plants and orchids, take photographs or bake cakes and pastries.

5.     Desire for relaxation and amusement. Everybody feels the need for amusement and laughter. Each one is entitled to a mental relaxation from jobs of earning a living, keeping well and obtaining social recognition. The big crowds at a Sports Center watching basketball games secure relaxation from mental tasks and worries. The growth of the motion picture industry is also due to this reason. Fiction books are bought for the same reason.

6.     Desire for knowledge. Most non-fiction books are sold because of the desire for knowledge. This is especially true of the sale of books of facts and encyclopedias.

7. Desire for beauty.A desire for beauty is a strong reason for buying many things. Some people have an appreciation of nature, some of man-made creations, others of music, clothes, furniture, works of art, paintings, real estate, and antiques.

8. Desire for money gain. The desire for gain is the a main reason for buying goods that are to be resold. When a retailer buys blouses and shirts, his intention is not to wear them but to sell them at a profit.

9. Desire for religion. The buying of Bibles, rosaries, religious literature,  crucifixes and the like are outward expressions of man's desire for religion.


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