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Self Motivation - How to Keep Yourself Motivated?

Updated on December 2, 2017

Self-motivation means the Ability to do what needs to be done without influence from another people or situations. Self-motivation is to keep learning from your mistake and succeed in your fields. People with self -motivation can find a reason or strength to complete a task, they keep fighting with the challenging situation, without giving up on their desire. You have to be self-motivated to enjoy the things you do.

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Self-motivation is a key life skill and something that everybody interested in personal development shooting.

I think - Self-motivation is doing what you love, doing things that make you happy. and then you don't wake up tired, you will enjoy your life, then you don't need anyone to motivate you. Now you are self-motivated, a self-motivated person is unstoppable no one can stop him, he will do what it takes to complete his task. Motivation is very important to become a successful person.

If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.

— Marc Anthony.

Skills involved in self-motivation

1. First, setting high but realistic goals.

2. Taking the right level of risk.

3. Seeking constant feedback to work out how to improve.

4. Actively seeking out opportunities and seizing them when they occur.

5. Being committed to a personal or organizational goal.

6. Being able to deal with the setback and continues to pursue goal despite obstacles.

7. Those who are motivated also find it much easier to motivate others.


Self-motivation is a key life skill and something that everybody interested in personal development shooting.

How to keep yourself motivated-

1. Celebrate little wins and appreciate yourself.

2. There is nothing more powerful for self-motivation than the right attitude.

3. You can’t choose or control your circumstance but you can change your attitude towards your circumstance

4. See the positive aspects of every negative situation and learn from it.

5. When encountering obstacles you have to be in the habit of finding what works to get over there.

6. Stop Comparing yourself, you are the best version of yourself.

7. Keep good company, Make more regular encounters with positive and motivated people.

8. Keep learning, and keep yourself busy with that work.

9. Read a lot about a specific topic and try to apply it.

10. Everything you do, the more you learn, the more confident you become.


So, keep yourself motivated every morning, do what you love the most, be goal focused and follow your Dream.

© 2017 Harshit moolchandani


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    Hasan rizvi 7 weeks ago

    Well Written!