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Sell 1 Million Things for 1 Dollar Each

Updated on May 22, 2012

Whether you want to make 1 dollar, 600 dollars or 1,000,000 dollars, you have to start somewhere. Most people that make a large amount of money, start out by making just 1 lonely dollar. Before you continue to read this article, I need you to ask yourself 1 question; Can I make 1 dollar online? Most, if not all of you will say yes. Others will start thinking about taxes, commission and listing costs, and of course how much it would take to make your 1 dollar item. It doesn't sound that promising anymore does it? Don't worry, we will be looking at how to make that one dollar with minimal costs.

Let's look at what can be sold and made online. While most things will involve only the cost of time it takes you, you also have to think of taxes and commission costs. Let's say you have a free website from a service like or, OK, no commission, no listing costs but never forget taxes. Here is a nice list of things you could sell online for 1 dollar (depending on the workload involved).

  1. Article writing
  2. Editing
  3. Graphic design
  4. Website design
  5. Advice/consulting
  6. Resume writing
  7. Advertising
  8. Driving traffic
  9. Transcribing
  10. Taking surveys
  11. Tablet or smartphone apps
  12. Software
  13. E-books
  14. Instructionals/patterns
  15. Affiliate marketing

No matter which you chose to do, you always want to remember to ask yourself, is my work worth more? Okay, so let's talk about that 1 million dollars, huh? So you write an article for someone who pays you 1 dollar, what now? Well you have a few options, make 1 million articles and sell each for 1 dollar, make a few more articles for 1 dollar until you have a good portfolio so that you can charge a more realistic price for your articles, or you can put your eggs in many baskets (so to speak).

You aren't ignorant, I know you know writing 1 million articles is unrealistic. I find this method works better with goods or services that don't require much work on your part. Here is why: let's say you have to make 1 million posts giving people advice, how long will that take you? Now let's say you get 1 million advertisements to show on one or more of your websites, wouldn't that take less time to do? Take a look at The Million Dollar Homepage, how much work do you think it took to do this? Probably not as much as making 1 million articles or 1 million graphics.

The beauty of the internet is many of the things you can sell, can be used as a form of passive income. So while you may only make a few dollars today, tomorrow it may double or triple. E-books, advertisements and sometimes articles are a good example. If you make an article here on hubpages, you don't get paid one flat fee, you get paid everyday depending on your traffic. E-books can (if they are good and worth buying) make sales everyday. While writing an E-book will take you much more time than writing an article, it will most likely make you more money.

I,personally am in the process of writing an e-book, article writing, affiliate marketing, advertising, and taking surveys. While as you can see, I'm not a millionaire, Remember that very annoying phrase mom and dad always said "Rome wasn't built in a day". The last piece of advice I will leave you with is: do what you enjoy, if you hate what you are doing, you will most likely keep finding reasons not to do it. Good luck and please, leave your comments or questions in the space below.


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