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Sell More On eBay 5 Keys To Success

Updated on July 25, 2014

Success Can Be Puzzling

The Five Keys To Selling More On eBay

1. Knowledge

Knowledge is the key to success, whether you sell used clothing, or new Lamborghini's you better know your product. Here is an example, I found that modesty dresses sold, especially handmade ones. So i didnt just buy them and list them, I did my homework, i asked alot of questions, I even went as far as to search out someone from the Amish community to talk to me about the dresses. I know the difference between a wedding dress, and nursing dress, why they do things they way they do when it comes to the why they are fitted and cut...

As I learned, I was able to apply this knowledge in other areas... When a customer had a question I was able to understand when they asked me about the cape of the dress, i used this information to grow my sales, because i started to learn my niche, people started coming back and buying more.

Without knowledge you may make money, but you will never truly be successful, when I learned how to sell cars, I went to Jackie B Cooper automotive sales school to learn to sell hondas, one of the things he told us to do was study the competition so that we knew our market. When someone said well fords are bigger and safer I was able to explain to them why a honda was better, because i knew why they said a ford was bigger and stronger.

I currently sell flags, I know my market, i know my competition, I spend time learning, selling is not hard, if you know your product, but more importantly know your competition.

2. Titles & Description

With knowledge comes power... You will know what your customer is looking for, as you learn your market, you will learn the keywords they use to find your products. I know it sounds simple, but it really is..

Look at some of the people you go to for advice, the "experts" for help with titles and pricing, the ones you know whats going on... with out naming names, if I asked you to help me with a price on a golf shirt who comes to mind? if you find a dress pattern? what about a tiki mug?

Why do you go to them? because they have done their homework, they stick with one area, and they study it in detail, they know what they have, and now are able to get top dollar for it because not only does the selling community look to them for advice, so do the BUYERS they are trusted sellers within their niche.

Go to walmart and ask the cashier what is the difference between two products? Now go to a specialty store and ask the same question... Bet the answers are as different as your title and the experts title.

3. Pricing Of Product

Being the cheapest only means one thing, you have to use price as your sales tool, you dont know enough to make your product worth a higher price with in your title and ad. Look running a sale, negotiating the price of an item, or discounting old inventory isnt what I am talking about here. If you are able to write a better title for an item without looking it up then 95% of the people selling the item, you also know what the item is worth.

I did the cheapest, and people came back to me for one reason, they knew i will play cut throat to make pennies, now i know my product call me up and tell me you can get it cheaper somewhere else you will hear silence, (i miss wall phones when hanging up made a sound) I have hung up on many customers that have said it to me.. WHY?? because if they are shopping price, they are shopping the wrong store with me...

If you are going to sell and make good money, then you need to learn to say NO thank you I will keep this item.

4. Shipping & Handling

This is something you must decide for yourself, I personally charge a fair shipping and handling. if my flagpole weighs 11 pounds and is oversized for UPS i charge a fair price, I dont try the 99 cent auction with a 600.00 shipping fee...

Personally I think thats why eBay has gotten away from the fast free shipping, you will not get defects in the new system because of shipping charges.

Customers know there is no free shipping, to them they expect fair.

Because I charge shipping, my price is lower then all the people chasing the blue ribbon of TRS status. which means customers see my ad more.

Shipping is a coin toss but again knowledge is the key to success, if you sell tshirts and everyone has free shipping, then free shipping it is, if you sell desktop computers, and everyone charges between 15 to 25 for shipping, then that is what it should be...

5. Customer Service

Look everyone has had bad customer service, you walk in and the guy behind the counter is more worried about the fight he is having with his girlfriend in text then your problem, if he throws money at you for a return, adn lets you keep the product, did you get good customer service??

Be the buyer, they bought your product because of two possible reasons, they wanted it, or they needed it... I refund does not fill that desire, customer service is about helping people with a problem...

Yes sometimes a refund is the answer but it isnt always the answer. DO your best to help the customer and most customers will be grateful for that. Some customers will never be happy, no matter what you do, for them I suggest cutting your loses early and letting them go...

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eBay Can Be A Cash Cow

If you remember what needs to be first your CUSTOMER will buy from you more often
If you remember what needs to be first your CUSTOMER will buy from you more often

Your Customers Should Be Number One

Knowledge really is the key, if you look at each one of the 5 points I made, you will see that behind it all you must learn and know what you are selling.

eBay recently changed how they rate their sellers, and I know I was on the i hate eBay boat, but what it came down to was I didnt understand or KNOW what their new plan was, once i took it apart and learned how it effects my business, I understood what they were trying to do.

I then needed to step back a little further and see that these changes eBay were making helped my customers feel they were the main focus, that eBay was on their side and had their backs. Although some of the things I had in place I thought I were doing for the customer in the end I seen how it was for greed, (one day handling to get a TRS discount) and not in my customers best interest.

Yes I make a profit, but I also look at for my customers, because I see them as my friends, and I do need to eat I also can be very fair and have their best interest at heart.

So as you can see there is always room for growth and as you grow so will your profit margins and your customer base, remember just like cow liver it may be good for you BUT not everyone likes it... so it is with business, it may be good for YOU not everyone will like it...

God Bless each of you with peace and understanding


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