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Sell as an Enterpreneur

Updated on July 21, 2017

You are the very first salesperson in your company.

As an entrepreneur with an established startup, offering either service or a product, you are a Brand Owner. This should be your main leverage. Working on making that name noticeable on the market is what will pay off in the long run.

Filling a brand with meaning is tough. It requires:

  • vision
  • strategy
  • determination
  • discipline
  • and passion.

And it means only one thing – that before all plans, budget, pitching or analysis, you would need to SELL.

Most people would only link selling to cold calling, meetings, presentations, and offers. Some see it as rather intimidating, too pushy and certainly far away from their personality. That is why there are designated sales teams, sales people and etc., who do that for a living and it is their territory, a cup of tea, bread and butter and you name it.

Before confessing with a sigh that you cannot do this and you need to hire a professional, take a moment to reflect on the following:

  • Who has the most knowledge of your business?
  • Who has the biggest interest to see it up and running and booking a success?
  • Who has a true belief in your idea?
  • Who is the most flexible to make instant decisions during a prospection meeting?

That is right. Selling is all about that:

  • having the vision what your brand stands for
  • having the commitment to keep walking beyond 9 am – 6 pm employee mentality
  • being eager to adapt to potential clients’ needs and objectives
  • having the desire to make it work

Being genuinely involved and believing in your ideas makes you the best sales person your company could ever dream of.

Armed with that, there are just several sales techniques and a certain sale tool kit you need to accommodate to start a successful sales process and cycle within your company. That does not exclude having a sales team or a dedicated sales person next to you. But I assume you see the difference now.

You are the very first salesperson in your company.

Look How Steve Jobs presents his product


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