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Selling your house using your voice

Updated on January 15, 2017

Make your home sound impossible to say no to just by using your voice,

1. Showing buyers around your home to show it off is a skill that can be learned. Pick out the lovely features and use your voice to emphasise them. If a room is large, look around it as you speak, open your mouth and elongate the word as you say it so that the word itself sounds large. Don't be afraid to use your arms to empahasise the size of the room. If a room is light and bright, again open your mouth wide and use the vowel sound to give the word some life.Your voice needs to convey excitement.

2. When you're talking about a property or a room to a client, you want to try and describe their dream their room. A room they feel comfortable in. If a room has a lovely homely fireplace make it sound warm and friendly. Remind the prospective buyers how inviting a fire can be, get them to picture themselves in this room.

3.You need to sound enthusiastic (but not over the top) when speaking about a property and you've got to try and get your buyer to feel as enthisastic as you. Use inflection in your voice to avoid sounding monotonous.

4. Use expression in your voice, pause to give them a chance to take in what you're saying - don't talk non stop. Speak not too quickly but not too slowly. Speaking slowly is as bad as speaking too quickly. Slow speakers sound boring. Speak at a volume they can hear easily.

5. Not all buyers have good imaginations, think of different uses for the rooms, but don't get silly. If a room could be used as a study or a playroom or a dining room make sure you mention this. Don't assume that because it's obvious to you everyone else will automatically think the same.

6. Listen to your buyers and make sure you answer any questions they ask. Never give the impression that you're in a hurry or would rather be elsewhere. Buying a property is a huge investment and buyers need to feel happy not only with the property but they need to feel as though they trust the seller.

For more information on using your voice see


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