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Guidelines for Today’s Sense and Response Approach

Updated on May 6, 2011

Planning is the determining what decisions to make in the future. Traditional planning model is not suitable for today's planning. Today's business strategies and planning follow sense and response approach. One guidelines for sense and response approach is described in this page. 

Guidelines for Sense and Response Approach

  • Let strategies unfold rather than making them plan
  • Formulate strategy closest to the action
  • Guide strategy-making with a “strategic Envelope”
  • Test the future
  • Put the Infrastructure in Place

All these things are explained below: 

Let strategies unfold rather

than making them plan

nMove into the future step-by-step through Ø sensing a new opportunity or possibility; and Ø quickly responding by testing it via an experiments.

Formulate strategy closest to the action

  • Close contact with the market.
  • Strategy development needs the people who interact daily with customers, suppliers, and partners.
  • Employees who are closest to the future (e.g., young employees who have grown up in an era of the internet and wireless phone) should become prime strategists.  
  • Old is gold may no longer be true!

Guide strategy-making with a “strategic Envelope”

  • Having a myriad of potential corporate strategies being tested in parallel could lead to anarchy without a central guiding mechanism.  
  • Top management set the parameters of the experiments (= a ‘strategic envelope’) and then continually manage that context. Need to meet often to discuss  
  1.  shifts in the marketplace.  
  2.  How well each of the experiment is proceeding; and  
  3. whether one is gaining “followership” or showing waning interest?

Test the future

  • Need to test before business is ready for them (think ahead).
  • Provide funding for experiments.
  • Have an emerging technologies group 

Put the Infrastructure in Place

  • Internet commerce requires right infrastructure.
  • IT experiments includes painful infrastructure experiments, e.g.,
    1. Create and maintain common and consistent data definitions,
    2. Determine operational platforms (say, ERP)
    3. E-commerce security and privacy measure
    4. Create and install mobile commerce.


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