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Setting Goals: Guidelines for Intrapersonal Intelligence!

Updated on January 7, 2016

The Most Famous Intrapersonal Intelligent Scientist

Establishing Personal Goals from Given Social and Spiritual Talents

It is a New Year! Setting specific, measurable, achievable and time bound goals is every person’s responsibility in order to live purposeful life. Personal goals can only be effective if they are based on given social and spiritual talents contained in your personal intelligence configuration.

I fall under intrapersoanal intelligence and it has been a long journey of self-discovery; but one that has increased my self-confidence to disregard criticism about my lonesome character. It is a challenge to seek space when you are married and I have experienced many failures which left me with nothing but being me!

Intrapersonal Intelligence Defined

Personal Intelligence is defined as a collection of natural abilities that chart a person’s natural strengths. Intrapersonal Intelligence defines people who seek knowledge and wisdom from within. Distinctively intrapersonal intelligent person is an introvert and intuitive.

  1. Introverts: Intrapersonal people are an introverts. They enjoys own company and works better alone; hence their ultimate goal is to create their own businesses. They are philosophical and are able to understand and explain concepts from a much deeper perspective.
  2. Intuitive: Intrapersonal people are also intuitive. They are independent perfectionists who spend their lonesome time thinking and reflecting underlying factors behind nature and spirituality and their role in life.

Ideal Career for Intrapersonal Intelligence People

Intrapersonal intelligence people are great thinkers; they spend most of their time doing just that; seeking a better answer or new way of doing things. This explains their tendency to be independent because according to my experience some of those concept are understood only by self and would be difficult to clarify for others to understand equally.

Ideal careers for intrapersonal intelligence people includes psychologist, philosophers, writers and theologians. The common factor for all these careers is abstract thinking and ability to reason beyond given evidence. Famous people with intrapersonal intelligence includes Albert Einstein, Cleopatra, Anne Frank and Aristotle.

What Intrapersonal People Must Consider in Setting Personal Goals!

A personal goal is an ultimate achievement of specific well thought target which may encompass social aspiration, optimal health and sustainable access to wealth. It is a complete mental picture of the desired achievement. If you fit the above description you may benefit from these guiding questions, which are meant to assess whether your current personal goals aligns to these given strengths. One of the most important components of a goal is that it must have a time-frame. In order to assess your momentum, it is best to break these goals in short-term intervals of one year. This means it is practical to determine what you intend to achieve in one year through monthly targets. Monthly targets will therefore clearly inform the yearly target. To keep track of successes, you must have a special diary where you write your tasks and honest record of your commitments and flaws. In order to consider all important aspects of life that determine our success, articulate objectives in three categories as follows:

Social Success Goals:

How do you interact with your parents, siblings and members of the extended family and the world at large? What does your romantic relationship look like? Have you experienced irreconcilable conflict regarding:

a) Seeking space to enjoy your solitude?

b) Misunderstood for saying fewer than expected words?

c) You do love your spouse but often you suggest to him to take children with him so that you can be alone! Do not despair; you are just being you! Solitude is as important as breathing! This means for those who are not yet married, they must consider disclosing this need and provide additional information about intrapersonal intelligence issues before tying the knot! This will also help you to find someone who has similar character or accepts you as you are. It is important to understand that your need to be independent might be a challenge when you get married and have to compromise or seek consensus for all family matters . So if this is a deciding factor, make this clear for anyone you allow to be intimate with. In other words it is going to be a challenging goal to achieve!

d) Are you considered weird for reading mystery books and spending hours listening to quantum physics because it explains a lot of things you have been seeking answers to? Intrapersonal person enjoy reading books that explain science concepts; hence the interest in religion also because it does not have all clear answers. One of your goals in 2016 could be to understand why the law of love is important for your health and financial prosperity.

Optimal Health Goals:

Good health will have a positive impact on both social life and financial success aspirations. Long holidays like Christmas tend to have negative impact on our diet plans. Do you like the body you live in? When setting your health goals it is important to look for health club that have flexible hours so that you can schedule your fitness hours when it is less crowded. Also remember that laughter is the best medicine. Find television programs that could spice your quiet life with some fun.

Financial Prosperity Goals:

Pointers of financial success starts with your current educational background. Intrapersonal people loves independence and also works better alone. The trend in these days of online business is working from home on permanent or part-time basis. This type of personal business is ideal for intrapersonal people. Establishing your personal goal is the most important part of living purposeful life. So; are you off track or you need to improve your academic background to be able to do the job that is based on your given talents! Are you currently onto any of the above careers?

Reviewing your Goals Periodically!

Personal goals are always very energizing because they reveal your purpose for life and acquiring resources. This step ensures that you keep your passion at the top of priority list! Anything you concentrate on either good or bad, shall be successful! Daily compliance to set tasks will take you to success and are positive indicators that you are a step closer to your life goals.

a) Have you met your monthly target in reading for your exams for an example? If the answer is no, because you had to put your daily schedule on hold to entertain your visitor during the Christmas holidays, then you shot yourself on the foot! A successful distance learner will establish study time and a study place in the house so that family members could be supportive in respecting that established time and space. This should be the first information to give to your visitor so that your routine plan stays intact while planning his entertainment time around your established schedule. Intrapersonal people would not have a problem in such matters because they are perfectionists and would not find it hard to decline deviation from personal goals tasks.

b) If you failed to keep your schedule during the first three months, consider finding a coach to help you achieve your goals.

c) Do you need to increase your financial resources to maintain your momentum? While your plan could be based on your talent, it is possible to need a helping hand though working alone is ideal. You may require a week or two of special course to bridge the existing one. In such a case, a family is the first resource to help. Never feel you can find yourself on top of the mountain without a helping hand! Shout for help if need arise and make your goal achievable!

Learn about Intrapersonal Intelligence

Find your Intelligence !

Getting Started in Goals Setting!

When you start researching about own intelligence you will realize that this is indeed an important tool which enable you to really evaluate your current successes or struggles. You may find yourself nodding as you realize that what you called your hobbies are pointers of the rich information of who you really are! Let this therefore be a self-awareness phase for a better you as you start-over and take control of your life!


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