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Seven Easy Ways To Get More Comments In Your Blog

Updated on August 25, 2009

As a blog writer, you have spent a lot of time creating posts that are interesting for your readers. You did research, then polished your writer so that it could be compelling to your audience, but you still don't get the response from your readers in the form of comments.

This is a problem that afflicts many bloggers, specially the ones starting their blog and still trying to create an audience. If you don't have comments on your posts, it is difficult to create a sense of community. You most probably will have readers that are not responsive enough since few people want to be the first to comment on an issue (unless they know that your blog is really popular).

To make your readers more interested in leaving comments, you can use one of the stategies discussed next

Strategies to Get More Comments in Your Blog

  1. Ask for questions and comments: this is so simple, but it is overlooked by most bloggers. You should try to get your readers involved by doing something that is active, instead of treating them as just a passive audience. Ask question that will elicit the desire of being heard.
  2. Talk about polemic issues: a very nice way to improve participation in your blog is to discuss issues that may polarize your audience. Whenever you do this, people will be incited to tell their opinion, because they will think about the importance of the issue for themselves. A classical example is to ask about their position on a political issue.
  3. React to the comments left: one thing that can improve participation is for readers to see that you are reading and carefully considering the comments left by readers. Everyone likes to be heard, and if you mention comments left on previous posts, people will notice that it is having an effect. This will make more people want to discuss
  4. Open a pool in your blog: you can have a post that will ask a question. Then, report on the results of the comments left by readers. This will provide an immediate response, specially if it is something of interest for your audience.
  5. Give something in return: You can give some small prize for one of the comments. For example, you can say that the most creative comment will get a t-shirt as prize.
  6. Answer to each individual post: this is another tip based on the desire of people to be heard. If you regularly answer each comment in the comments area itself, you will have a conversation going on.
  7. Use comments to gather suggestions: you may use comments as suggestion for new posts. You readers will feel empowered by such an action, because this will show that their comments are being acted upon by your.

If you follow some of these ideas, I guarantee that you will see an influx of comments in your blog. That will certainly also increase the number of people willing to read and to participate in your web site.

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    • DynamicS profile image

      Sandria Green-Stewart 8 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      I see I'm the first to fall for your bag of! Sound like good advise, I hope they work... I'll give it a whirl.

      Thanks for taking the time to care...