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Shipping Supplies For Mailing Packages | Corrugated Cardboard Bflute

Updated on August 22, 2012
There are many types of corrugated cardboard wraps available. I use single face corrugated cardboard for shipping.
There are many types of corrugated cardboard wraps available. I use single face corrugated cardboard for shipping. | Source

Corrugated Cardboard Wrap

I have written many hubs on packing material but today I will be writing about corrugated cardboard wrap (or Bflute for short). Today I am talking specifically about single face corrugated cardboard. This comes in a large roll and has several different widths. For books, I use a roll that is one foot across because this fits most books and VHS tapes. People who ship a moderate amount of books should definitely get at least one roll of this for shipping because it is extremely useful!

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard wrap is absolutely essential if you ship a moderate amount of books.
Corrugated cardboard wrap is absolutely essential if you ship a moderate amount of books. | Source

What Is It Used For?

Bflute is an absolute must have resource if you are shipping books, CDs, and VHS. It is also useful for DVDs. I wrap bflute around each book with two layers and tape it shut on the edges. I use it when shipping CDs by wrapping the CD one time, taping it, and then putting it into a bubble mailer. I wrap VHS tapes the same as I do books. When I ship a DVD that is a bit more valuable I will wrap it once with bflute and then put it in a bubble mailer. Bflute cushions the item being shipped, but it is light and very sturdy if you use it correctly. Bflute is also excellent for when you need to pad something but don't have much space for padding. For example, you can put it inside of a box to have the effect of double boxing an item.

You can also use bflute to make your own package by wrapping it around the item. You can do this with any type of item and it will cushion it as well as at as a box. You can make any size box this way. Lastly, bflute is excellent if you need to make a "support beam" inside of a box. You can reinforce the box to be extremely strong by placing "support beams" in each corner by wrapping it into the shape of a rod.

What Are The Benefits To Using It?

Bflute is great because it is stored in a very compact way. I stack my bflute rolls to the ceiling, and you could probably park a car on top of it. Bflute can be used for a ton of different methods, and is extremely versatile. Bflute is best for books and other media by far. Bubble mailers are inferior, and boxes are never a good idea to use for shipping media. Loose items in media mail is bad because media mail gets crushed and beaten up. Bflute is best because it wraps tightly around the item so that there is no space. You can throw my books against the wall and they will be just fine thanks to bflute.

What Is It Not Good For?

Bflute is not good for if you are shipping fragile items. I wouldn't wrap a vase in bflute. Fragile items need to be inside boxes with packing materials that will cushion them gently like bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Bflute is a very poor filler and it is also not that good to wrap items that are going into a box like bubble wrap. You should always wrap items that are in contact with others with bubble wrap.

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