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Shoot to Kill It! Job Hunting from One on the Hunt

Updated on August 23, 2018
S E Hurst PhD profile image

S E Hurst graduated from the University of Tennessee with a PhD in Comparative and Experimental Medicine in 2012.


It’s now the end of August. Thousands of young adults have just graduated high school, college, and/or professional institutions. After the parties, the vacations, and whatever else one does during the summer, the reality of “being an adult” begins to set in. You need to get a job like so many other Americans today. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 14 million people are unemployed in America and the unemployment rate has hit a historical high in recent years. In order to be a successful job hunter, one must be patient, positive, and proactive. Following some of these helpful hints will help perfect your aim.


Set Your Eyes on the Prize

Ultimately, we all want to work at your dream job. I wanted to be a princess, but Kate Middleton and Megan Markle ruined that dream. Anyway, enough about my professional royal failures. Research companies, products, or ideals that you are passionate about and go after a job in those companies, selling those products, or build your own company around an idea. There may not be a job right now dealing with those things or in those companies, but hard work and persistence will pay off down the road. Now is a great time to start your own business. Many local, state, and national agents are providing great incentives for new small business. If your dream job isn’t a reality, then make it one.


Know Your Prey

Brainstorm hot topics in industry: energy, clean-energy, health, healthcare, security. There are plenty more. You have a unique skill set that can probably cross multiple fields of work. The key here is knowing what is out there, going after it, and/or creating something new. Make job hunting the #1 priority on your daily to-do list. During the time you are waiting for a job, act as if job hunting is your full-time job. Work on your resume or curriculum vitae (CV), update online application profiles, network, and search jobs on and offline. Opportunities fly by quick so you have to always be on guard.


Use Your Wingmen (or women)

Networking is crucial in all areas of the workforce. Tell your family, friends, prior co-workers, bosses, anyone and everyone that you are passionately looking for work. Take your resume or CV door to door, send mass emails with your resume or CV attached to your entire contact list, do whatever it takes to get your name out there and people noticing you.

Huntsman of the Year
Huntsman of the Year | Source

Promote Yourself as Huntsmen of the Year

After you have learned all about the companies, products, ideals, etc. take a good look in the mirror. You can make or break your job potential if you cannot talk about yourself in a way that sounds both influential and expressive to another person. Believe that you are the best you that you can be. If you don’t believe it, then how are you going to convince someone else? Thinking about what the interviewer may or may not ask you during the job interview will help prepare you and start the process of organizing your thoughts in an effective manner. Also, when writing your resume or CV, don’t be cookie cutter. Add personal touches showing your personality and skill set. That extra something alone will set you apart from the pack.


Best of Luck!

Please feel free to post comments on this hub to help out fellow hunters. We can all use a little extra help. Good luck, and see you out there!

© 2018 Sarah Hurst


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