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Should Government Regulate Commuter Transport Services?

Updated on May 11, 2015

Should Government Regulate?

I believe government should have at least a small hand in regulating commercial transport services because they are an important cost and condition of competition within different markets. While too much regulation can make it harder for smaller companies to compete within a market, too little regulation can make it possible for commercial transport to be unsafe to the general public or with the products being transported, such as food for example. In some ways, the regulation of commercial transport services is seen as a crippling tax or unnecessary fine slowing businesses down, but regulation can also come in the forms such as important safety guidelines.

I believe President Jimmy Carter did the right thing by removing regulatory burdens such as the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Civil Aeronautics Board, however plenty of commercial transport service regulations still exist that help keep the market free from extended or outside risks. Certain regulations for transport services could not be so easily or immediately removed. Government should ensure that commercial transport services meet necessary guidelines for things such as food products for example, such as by maintaining temperature. Other areas commercial transport services might be in need of regulation would be the transport of dangerous chemicals or live animals. Without the deterrence of a government regulation’s fine, businesses in an unregulated market would be more likely to engage in the most cost-reducing business practices even if they are not the most ethical practices.

Obviously, overregulation by the government can slow down markets if it creates costs that are too high for smaller businesses to enter or engage in the marketplace. However, it is also possible that not enough regulation could lead to companies engaging in unsafe or unethical business practices.


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