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4 Major Signs You Should Pursue Entrepreneurship

Updated on June 28, 2017

What is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is one of those things that seems to be cut out for only the "chosen few". However, it's really just a thing that a bunch of people decided to do when they realized they'd rather live their life doing exactly what they love to do, the most.

Now, it's not as simple as sending in an application with a beefed up resume and having exceptional communication skills during the interview process; The road to entrepreneurship is a long and winding one, but exciting and fun as opposed to draining and redundant, when your'e driving clearly with direction in order.

There IS another way!

Many people believe that simply because they don't fit the mold of a standard corporate world employee (regardless of rank), that they are destined to hop from job to job and risk the chances of settling for work that limits them in some way or another. BUT, I am here to tell you, that NO ONE was born to be that least not forever.

Dear annoyed employee,

It might be time you considered the journey toward boundless freedom, independence and creativity! If you relate to 1 or more of the signs emphasize's time to change your outlook, get out of the game of following the orders of someone else's dream and START LIVING IN YOUR OWN.


Your fate.

Are you living in your truth?

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1. You enjoy working, just not with other people.

Often times, a lack of enthusiasm for work resembles a lack of will to work. If you would like your job more if the people around you, well...weren't around you, this means that your spirit is crying for you to realize that you need to get out of that box labeled "compromise" and be FREE.

Entrepreneurs aren't (always) loners, an effective partnership is simply more fulfilling with like-minded company.


NO, do not quit your day job without a plan...EVER. Unless you want to be homeless for a little while, or a long while, with no way to pay for transportation or the resources needed to work for yourself in the first place.

YES, free yourself MENTALLY first, and in due time, this freedom will externalize.

2. You HATE being told what to do.

No one exactly enjoys being bossed around, heck...most children will be quick to take on deafness when being told to do something in certain situations. However, it's when you completely become annoyed with the fact that you're being told things you've either A. Already planned on doing or B. ALREADY DID.

This shows that your title doesn't define your ambition & you risk being mistaken as a push-over, which leads us into the next sign...

3. You're not bossy.

Entrepreneurs know what they want and have an eye for detail in their crafts. When doing a job that isn't completely their craft, they tend to be TOO independent, taking on too many duties, for the simply habit of staying busy (and because telling another adult how to do their job seems absurd.)

Though, a position with even the smallest amount of authority calls for direction of others. This means telling another what to do...and going back to sign number 1, acknowledging their presence in the first place or risk being over-worked and taken advantage of.

4. You flat out aren't happy.

When waking up becomes emotionally's safe to say you aren't the happiest camper in your current plane of existence.

When you feel there's gotta be more to life than what you're experiencing now, there is! Your purpose is begging to be discovered and pursued.

Now, as mentioned previously, don't do anything drastic, other than changing your perception and creating a PLAN for yourself to take charge of your life. This way, while you're doing what you have to do, your motivation to get on up bright and early, will be the vision of you eventually doing what you truly want to do for a living.

Change your mind, change your LIFE.

End the toxic cycle of claiming the idea of inadequacy and limitations. Recognize your strengths, even those that disguise themselves as weaknesses, to determine which way your life should go. Don't be afraid that you won't measure up...when you're your own boss, you determine the qualifications. So, AIM HIGH.

Be your own boss and thrive like a game-changer.


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