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Signs and Indications that a Job Interview Went Well

Updated on January 3, 2014
Congratulations, you got the job!
Congratulations, you got the job!

So, you just had an interview! Now, you wonder how well you did, and what are your chances of success in getting the job. What are the positive signs and indications that the job interview went well? If you say yes to most of the signs and indications below, your interview went well :

1. You are asked to come back for second interview. For instance, if your job requires specific technical requirement, then your first interview is normally run by the Technical Managers. The second interview could come from the Human Resource Manager where salary and other benefits or entitlement will be discussed.

2. The interviewer paid close attention and showed interest in what you said. He sat up straight. He didn’t look bored. He also asked you more questions to understand further your previous work experience, personalities, personal preferences, family status and so on.

3. You were able to answer all the questions, and the interviewer looked satisfied with your answers. You are also satisfied with the answers you gave. All the questions are within your ability to answer, and you don’t feel that you have failed to answer them. Through the interviewer facial expression, you can sometimes determine whether he likes your answers.

4. The interview was taking longer than scheduled time, or longer than other candidates in the queue or in any other interview you have attended. Let’s say for other interviews that did not go well, you have only spent five minutes in the interview, but in this interview, it took 30 minutes or more.

5. You are introduced to other people who work in the company. Normally, interviewers will not spend time introducing you to the people in the workplace unless they feel that you will be part of their team. However, if they do it to all the interview candidates, it maybe a standard practice in their interview process.

6. The interviewer did not look at his watch, but paid full attention to you during the entire interview session. When he kept looking at his watch, it could indicate that he was just passing the time, and he has already decided that you are not the one he is looking for.

7. The interviewer asked about references. This may indicate that they are close to making decision to hire you; they just need to do the last background check on you.

8. The interviewer spent substantial amount of time talking about the job you will be taking. He described the duties, working hours or shifts, travelling requirement and so forth. If he is not interested to hire you, he would stop at questioning your skills, experience, education, and so on.

9. The interviewer would ask about the salary expected and discussed with you. If he is serious in hiring you, he will try to offer you salary that is acceptable to you. If the salary you are asking for is beyond his limit, he will try to negotiate the salary with you, explaining other benefits such as bonuses and allowances, so as to increase his chances of hiring you.

10.An affirmative “We will call you soon” is a good sign that the interview went well.

11.The interviewer spends time patiently answering your questions. He explains in details about the job responsibilities, company culture, workplace environment and so forth. You could feel that he was trying to “sell” the position to you.

12.The interviewer does not answer any phone calls or would not let anyone interfere with the interview. Showering all the attention upon you indicated that you are the one they have been looking for and they really liked to know more about you.

13.The interviewer showed positive facial expression and did not show sleepy eyes or bored facial expression. Can you recall the facial expression of the judges in “The Voice” or “American Idols” auditions? How do they response when they saw someone really talented? They tell a lot, don’t they?

14.The interviewer asked about your availability or the soonest time you could start. However, this question could be a standard question in his list. It is a less reliable clue to your job prospect.

15.You feel that the interviewer was very friendly and warm when shaking your hands at the end of the interview and said, “See you soon.”

16.Before you left, the interviewer gave you his business card and told you to call his mobile phone any time if you have any questions. This is a very good sign that he is interested to recruit you into his team, and be part of his organization.

Signs of interview went well


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