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How to Become Rich? the 100x Signs Revealed

Updated on June 24, 2018

How to become rich? 100x signs of becoming rich!

Note: Please read the context from top to bottom. The idea would be useless if you only scroll down and read what is pleasing to you. Thankyou very much for your cooperation and understanding.

Definition of the term RICH

The Merriam Webster dictionary define rich as having a lot of money on possession, very expensive and beautiful, impressive, etc. or it is having or supplying a large amount of something that is wanted or needed. Wow! It is really a complicated meaning isn’t it?

My meaning of what is RICH is very simple.

Rich is freedom from wanting more. It is an abundance of what you really desire. To simplify it further, it is contentment. To become rich doesn’t mean to have all the bounty that the world can offer you. It doesn’t mean that you are living with a tiger to guard you, riding a Ferrari just dropping by the mall or having that gold necklace; too heavy that it might detach your head from your body. Yes my dear reader, rich is the bigger circle that would mean that you are abundant with love, peace, hope, mercy, gratitude, burning desire and humility.


Everything now is becoming more and more instant, digital, touch screen and air touch. No wonder why deaths also becoming instant and even digital. What I am afraid for my friends is that someday it would be possible for air touch death. Well to tell you I am not against innovation, inventions and technology, I am only against to those who abuse it and misapply its good intention. How I wish that there is also a divine law that governs the internet. Am I deviating on to the topic? No my friend we are all deviating from basic principles and ideology of becoming rich by just clicking on website that offers us quick money schemes and our focus of attention were only on having a lot of money.

The Signs

The 100x signs to know that you are getting rich is a mind setter that needs self-discipline and patience.


The subconscious mind

The subconscious mind is a composite of everything one sees, hears and any information the mind collects that it cannot otherwise consciously process to make meaningful sense. The conscious mind cannot always absorb disconnected information, as it would be an information overload, so the subconscious mind stores this information where it can be retrieved by the conscious mind when it needs to defend itself for survival (and for other reasons, such as solving puzzles).

The subconscious mind stores information that the conscious mind may not immediately process with full understanding, but it stores the information for later retrieval when ”recalled” by the conscious mind, or by an astute psychoanalyst who can draw out information stored in the subconscious, bringing it to the individual's conscious awareness. :

Blue Print

To start your first evaluation to know that you already a candidate of becoming rich is to answer first the following questions as quickly as you can for within 3 minutes only. Note: don’t skip questions

  1. What is your most insane ambition?
  2. What are your plans to achieve that ambition?
  3. What is your time frame?
  4. How much is your asset after 5 years?
  5. Where was your dream house situated at?
  6. Who are you after 10 years?

Note: Please try to finish answering the above given questions before scrolling down. Thank you!

Now, if you find hard time to answer the above mentioned questions or you immediately scroll down to read this, well I am sorry to inform you, that you have no signs yet of becoming rich. But the good news is; this is your first step of becoming rich.

Now, if you answered quickly within the allotted time for you to answer, and well I therefore congratulate you for achieving the first sign of becoming rich, and that is the BLUEPRINT.

Blue print means that you had an organized plan in achieving that ultimate goal. You have that strong determination and focus on what you really desire. Your blue print is your foundation in achieving that goal. The more detailed the plan, the easiest to achieve your goal.

The questions above test your “know how” regarding the details of your goal. It is an eye opener telling you that your subconscious mind has much more to offer you than what you could ever imagine. Your subconscious mind is giving a dose to your brain to work in accordance with the details of your blueprint. You might not notice it but your entire system is given a timely instructions coming from your subconscious mind to work for that blueprint. Thus your actions are directed to reach you ultimate goal.

Photo Editor

To start your second evaluation, do the following workshops and please do it mentally. No need for a pencil or paper. Note: Please make a clearer picture before you proceed to the next.

  1. Described your most insane ambition.
  2. Illustrate your plans to achieve that ambition.
  3. Set an ideal time frame.
  4. List down your assets after 5 years.
  5. Illustrate your dream house.
  6. Take a picture of who you are after 10 years.

Now if you’re done with it and the pictures were blurred and not as good as high definition (HD). Well, you need to revise it using your subconscious mind’s PHOTO EDITOR. It’s not enough that you have that strong desire. You must have a vivid picture of this using your subconscious mind as if that you are in a virtual reality seeing your dreams.

You have been guided with your blueprint; but if you have no clear vision of this, your subconscious mind would not be well directed on what was really the details and picture of your goal.

The Process:

a) Find a room or a space that you are comfortable with and free from any noise or disturbance.

b) Sit with comfort and at ease and slowly take a deep breath.

c) Close your eyes and imagine that the darkness that you are seeing now is a canvas.

d) Paint that canvas with your subconscious mind’s gift of imagining your ultimate desire, your dream house, car, family, lifestyle and etc.

e) Make the picture vivid as if you can hold or walk on to it.

f) Make this process a habit.

Music Box

After you have painted your blueprint with your subconscious mind’s photo editor; now it’s time to make it more alive by hearing the sounds coming from this pictures you have just filed on your subconscious mind’s photo gallery. The music box is the hardest thing to do. It’s easy to visualize a picture but it's really hard to imagine a sound coming from it. Well the trick is to imagine the sound beating from your heart when you feel the joy and happiness of looking at your ultimate goal. Make this sound loud until you can say to yourself that the pictures were animated by that sound.

The process:

a) Do instructions a & b stated above. Close your eyes and listen to the noise of silence surrounding everywhere. Gather these sounds nearer to your ears.

b) From it, create a virtual audio of joy and happiness coming from that deep breathe of yours and slow rhyme beating from your heart. Imagine the sound of painting the canvas of your blueprint through your subconscious mind. Now listen carefully to the voice from your inner thoughts.

c) Make the sound louder through your subconscious mind’s MUSIC BOX.

d) Make this process a habit.

Application Manager

Now that you had a strong foundation of your blueprint and already painted it with a vivid picture using your photo editor while listening to the rhythm of joy and happiness echoing from your inner thoughts and slowly beat in your hearts. Now, let’s make it more real by living on it.

The Process

a) Every day is a miracle to live with fullness of aspirations and greatness of creation. As you walk up this coming morning, feed first your spirit and soul with your application manager or your file of your blueprint, photo editor and music box.

b) As you are struggling through the day, don’t forget to remind yourself of your applications.

c) You will close the day with happy thoughts and a prayer of thanksgiving that you already living with your dreams.


If you've been successful to the processes stated above, you will now be receiving the fruits of your labour via email.

Emotional nourishment through what is Morally acceptable and in accordance with your faith. You will be blessed with Abundance of everything you desire through your brilliant Intelligence of controlling your mind power to nurture your Love to your family, friends and etc.

The 95x signs

The remaining 95 signs would mean that making this as a habit you will surely hit your ultimate goal.

Live a life with freshness of your dreams, sprinkled with your strong belief that you can be rich in life.

Thank you, for reading and passing by on my page. I’ll appreciate it more if you had comments below so that I can improve my writing skills.

Do you believe that you can be rich in life!

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