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Six High Paying Jobs Careers working with children Two Year Degree

Updated on March 6, 2014

Recession Proof High Paying Careers

Nursing The health care industry will always be around and as more baby boomers age the need for better health care alternatives.

Causing many home health aid nurses to provide assistance to LPN's and RN's who earn between 40,000 to 70,000 annually.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics nursing is projected to grow 23 percent by 2016.

Engineering in in need of qualified engineers to work in public and private industries, the fastest growing fields are in civil engineering and environmental engineering.

Salaries ranging at about 70,000 annually.

Funeral Services, is not a field that many think of entering but it is a recession proof career and sadly more deaths each year due to natural causes or not has the pace of Morticians, funeral directors and undertakers earning upwards of 65,000 annually.

Linguistics is one of those careers that has grown out of necessity with so many foreign languages with in the United States the need for Linguistic professionals to teach English has grown into a skill used by the federal government in translation and interpretation.

Earning potential can run anywhere from 75,000 a year or higher.

Six High Paying jobs with only a two year associate degree

Changing to a high paying career after you save money on your education,

by going to a community college or associate two year degree program in the following fields to earn from $30,000 to $50,000 a year in annual income.

Some of these high paying jobs include becoming a Dental assistant, Dental hygienist, Occupational therapy assistants,

Physical therapy assistants, Computer support specialists,

Paralegal assistant, Paralegal, Teaching assistant, Desktop publisher.

Occupational Outlook of these high paying professions

During the slow down economy many are turning to online degree programs that will help them become certified in new careers.

some are looking at a career change do to downsizing or being laid off, some of the best careers to start have to do with the health care or medical field.

Dental hygiene is going to be in high demand due to the aging population needing good oral health.

Also you will find that occupational and physical therapist assistants will continue to grow through the next 10 years.

MRI Ultrasound Classes

Magnetic resonance imaging is a medical imaging technique used in radiology to visualize detailed internal structures.

So as a student you will be able to utilize the good contrast it provides between the different soft tissues of the body make it especially useful in brain, muscles, heart, and cancer compared with other medical imaging techniques such as computed tomography or X-rays.

Most techniques are used on knees, pregnant woman as well as those with brain tumors.

The magnetic field is different from CT scans. the water molecules in the body the protons are able to align.

You will also learn more about the biogeosciences related to magnetic 3D image reconstruction.

Can You obtain a college degree in 1 year?

It is possible to get a college degree online with distance learning programs, it will require that you meet the right pre-requisites.

Also it will depend on if you can pass certain tests that will allow you to finish much faster.

12 months is a quick way to earn your AS, AA, BS or MA degree.

Physical Therapy Assistant job duties

As a physical therapist assistants or aides you will help physical therapists to provide treatment that improves patient mobility, relieves pain, and prevents or lessens physical disabilities of patients.

A physical therapist might ask an assistant to help patients exercise or learn to use crutches, for example, or an aide to gather and prepare therapy equipment.

The types of patients physical therapy assistants work with patients such as accident victims and individuals with disabling conditions such as lower-back pain, arthritis, heart disease, fractures, head injuries, and cerebral palsy.

Your duties include variety of tasks under the direction and supervision of physical therapists, you provide part of a patient’s treatment which may involve exercises, massages, electrical stimulation, paraffin baths, hot and cold packs, traction, and ultrasound.

As a Physical therapist assistant you will record the patient’s responses to treatment and report the outcome of each treatment to the physical therapist.

The duties of aides include some clerical tasks, such as ordering depleted supplies, answering the phone, and filling out insurance forms and other paperwork. The extent to which an aide or an assistant performs clerical tasks depends on the size and location of the facility.

Good paying careers working with children

Working in a classroom or working with children in a school you can provide instructional and clerical support for classroom teachers, this will allow teachers more time for lesson planning and teaching.

You will support and assist children in learning class material using the teacher’s lesson plans, providing students with individualized attention.

Job duties of a Teachers Assistant

As a teacher assistants you will also supervise students in the cafeteria, schoolyard, and hallways, or on field trips; they record grades, set up equipment, and help prepare materials for instruction.

Other high paying jobs working with kids for a teacher assistants include:

  • teacher aides
  • instructional aides.
  • paraeducators
  • paraprofessionals.

You can expect to perform a combination of instructional and clerical duties. and provide instructional reinforcement to children, under the direction and guidance of teachers.

You may work with students individually or in small groups, while listening to students read, reviewing or reinforcing class lessons, or helping them find information for reports.

If you work at a secondary school level, your duties as a teacher assistants will be specialized in a certain subject, such as math or science.

You will be able to take charge of special projects and prepare equipment or exhibits, such as for a science demonstration. Some assistants work in computer laboratories, helping students to use computers and educational software programs.

In addition to instructing, assisting, and supervising students, teacher assistants may grade tests and papers, check homework, keep health and attendance records, do typing and filing, and duplicate materials.

They also stock supplies, operate audiovisual equipment, and keep classroom equipment in order.

Dental Assistants and Dental Hygienist job duties

As a dental assistants you will work closely with, and under the supervision of dentists, some of your duties will include sterilize and disinfect instruments and equipment, prepare and lay out the instruments and materials required to treat each patient, and obtain patients’ dental records.

You will have the opportunity to make patients as comfortable as possible in the dental chair and prepare them for treatment. During dental procedures, assistants work alongside the dentist to provide assistance.

They hand instruments and materials to dentists and keep patients’ mouths dry and clear by using suction or other devices. They also instruct patients on postoperative and general oral health care.

Other duties for dental assistants is that you may prepare materials for impressions and restorations, take dental x rays, and process x-ray film as directed by a dentist.

You may also remove sutures, apply topical anesthetics to gums or cavity-preventive agents to teeth, remove excess cement used in the filling process, and place rubber dams on the teeth to isolate them for individual treatment.

It is noted that some States are expanding dental assistants’ duties to include tasks such as coronal polishing and restorative dentistry functions for those assistants that meet specific training and experience requirements with laboratory duties make casts of the teeth and mouth from impressions, clean and polish removable appliances, and make temporary crowns.

Those with office duties schedule and confirm appointments, receive patients, keep treatment records, send bills, receive payments, and order dental supplies and materials

Paralegal and Legal Assistant Duties

The law profession is constantly changing, more cases have caused lawyers to use paralegals to help them with their work load, professional paralegals can now work from home and help locals prepare legal documents.

The paralegal and legal assistant profession is a great one to start as a home based business.

Some of a paralegal’s most important tasks is helping lawyers prepare for closings, hearings, trials, and corporate meetings. Paralegals might investigate the facts of cases and ensure that all relevant information is considered.

You may be required to identify appropriate laws, judicial decisions, legal articles, and other materials that are relevant to assigned cases. After they analyze and organize the information, paralegals may prepare written reports that attorneys use in determining how cases should be handled.

It is noted that if attorneys decide to file lawsuits on behalf of clients, paralegals may help prepare the legal arguments, draft pleadings and motions to be filed with the court, obtain affidavits, and assist attorneys during trials.

Paralegals also organize and track files of all important case documents and make them available and easily accessible to attorneys. Also in addition to this preparatory work, paralegals perform a number of other functions.

For example, they help draft contracts, mortgages, and separation agreements. They also may assist in preparing tax returns, establishing trust funds, and planning estates.

Some paralegals coordinate the activities of other law office employees and maintain financial office records.

High Paying Careers in Desktop Publishing

As a desktop publisher you will typically design and create the graphics that accompany text, convert photographs and illustrations into digital images, and manipulate the text and images to display information in an attractive and readable format.

You will design page layouts, develop presentations and advertising campaigns, and do color separation of pictures and graphics material. Some desktop publishers may write some of the text or headlines used in newsletters or brochures.

They also may translate electronic information onto film or other traditional media if the final product will be sent to an off-set printer.

It has been noted that as companies bring the production of marketing, promotional, and other kinds of materials in-house, they increasingly employ desktop publishers to produce such materials in house who use a computer and appropriate software to enter and select formatting properties.

Such as the size and style of type, column width, and spacing. Print formats are stored in the computer and displayed on a computer monitor. Images and text can be rearranged, column widths altered, or material enlarged or reduced. New information, such as charts, pictures, or additional text can be added.

Graphic Designers use scanners to capture photographs, images, or art as digital data that can be either incorporated directly into electronic page layouts or further manipulated with the use of computer software.

Just like photographers and multimedia artists and animators, desktop publishers also can create special effects or other visual images using film, video, computers, or other electronic media.

Job duties of a Desktop Publisher

If you are looking for a job where you can work with arts and graphic design, writing, formatting and graphics, Desktop publishers typically design and create the graphics that accompany text, convert photographs and illustrations into digital images, and manipulate the text and images to display information in an attractive and readable format.

As you are probably aware you will be able to use computer software to format and combine text, data, photographs, charts, and other graphic art or illustrations into prototypes of pages and other documents that are to be printed.

You may print the document using a high resolution printer or they may send the materials, either in print form or electronically, to a commercial printer. Examples of materials produced by desktop publishers include books, brochures, calendars, magazines, newsletters and newspapers, packaging, and forms.

Other job titles for Desktop publishers include:

  • publications specialists,
  • electronic publishers,
  • DTP operators,
  • desktop publishing editors,
  • electronic prepress technicians,
  • electronic publishing specialists,
  • image designers,
  • typographers,
  • compositors,
  • layout artists,
  • Web publications designers

Computer Support Specialist Job duties

More people log onto the internet everyday with more companies automating all their functions with business computers.

Laptops are selling faster than desktop computers and the demand for computer support specialist will continue to grow as more data is shared through wireless networks.

As a computer support specialists you will provide technical assistance, support, and advice to customers and other users.

Some other job titles include:

  • Technical support specialists
  • Help-desk technicians.
  • Network and computer systems administrators
  • Computer security specialists

In this profession you will be required to troubleshoot, interpret problems and provide technical support for hardware, software, and systems. as well as answer telephone calls, analyze problems by using automated diagnostic programs, and resolve recurring difficulties.

Support Specialist Opportunities

Many support specialists work either within a company that uses computer systems or directly for a computer hardware or software vendor.

Increasingly, these specialists work for help-desk or support services firms, for which they provide computer support to clients on a contract basis.

If you become a technical support specialist you will be responding to inquiries from organizations’ computer users and may run automatic diagnostics programs to resolve problems.

You will install, modify, clean, and repair computer hardware and software.

In addition, you may write training manuals and train computer users in how to use new computer hardware and software and oversee the daily performance of a company’s computer systems and evaluate how useful software programs are


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