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200+ Skilled Workers Needed for Canada

Updated on September 23, 2011

Canada is a favorite destination of many immigrants. Since Canada has opened its doors for employment and migration to people from other countries, the number of applicants who apply for work and migration to Canada has been increasing. Many people apply as a caregiver while others apply as skilled workers. The weather condition in Canada may be too cold compared to the weather in the Philippines but this has not become a hindrance for many Filipinos to try to find their luck for greener pasture in this country.

Some parts of Canada like Quebec speaks French and this has encouraged many Filipinos to even study the French language. The many job opportunities in Canada has caught the eye of many work abroad applicants not just by Filipinos but also from the other parts of the world. Hotel and restaurant workers are also needed in the country. About 2 years ago, many restaurant owners came to the Philippines to recruit for more workers. Many Canadian companies love hiring Filipinos because of their being hardworking, patient, their English literacy, flexibility and high regard to their duties and responsibilities.

Horseshoe falls in Niagara falls
Horseshoe falls in Niagara falls

Image Source:

Grand Placement & General Services Corporation has currently announced their recent job vacancies for Canada. Canada is highly in need of skilled workers. Job applicants for auto mechanics, carpenters, concrete finishers, concrete pump operators, heavy truck drivers, drywallers, high pressure steam operators, estimators, heavy equipment mechanics, welders, landscapers, and structural fitters are in demand at the moment.

Agency Profile

POEA License No.: POEA-222-LB-071508-R
Address: 1636 F. Agoncillo St., Malate Manila Metro Manila
Telephone No: 525-1031 Loc. 124/129 /0
Email Address:

Cebu Branch
Address: 261 D. Jakosalem St. Cor. Gen. Maxilom Ave., Cebu City
Telephone No.: (032) 412-5987
Mobile No.: (0919) 606-0832

Among the many applicants are 40 carpenters. Applicants should be male who is from 25 to 45 years old. He must have finished at least a vocational diploma or short course certificate with at least 2 years work experience. He must be able to speak and can comprehend the English language well. This job vacancy is open until December 17.

Forty (40) welders are also needed. Applicants can either be male or female with ages from 25 until 45 years old. He or she must have at least a vocational diploma or a short course certificate. At least 2 years of related experience is required. The applicant should be able to speak the English language well too.

Job vacancies for forty (40) male landscapers are also needed. He must have at least 2 years of consecutive work related experience with at least college level or vocational graduate education attainment. Applicants who are 25 to 45 years old can apply.

Their other job vacancies are as follows: 10 insulators cum scaffolders, 10 concrete finishers, 10 concrete pump operators, 20 drywallers, 5 estimators, 10 heavy equipment mechanics, 10 heavy truck drivers, 10 high pressure steam operators, and 20 structural fitters.

In order to apply for the above vacancies as well as for more job listings, you can visit their list of current job vacancies HERE. You can also visit the website listed above or go to their office directly for a faster job processing. They also have regular job vacancies for Canada as well as to their other countries of deployment so you better visit their site from time to time.

Aside from Canada, Grand Placement also deploys workers to other countries like Australia, the Caribbean Islands, Middle East, Southeast Asia and the United States of America.

It is necessary to always be careful when applying for a job abroad, many people have already been victims of illegal recruiters and don't ever become one of them. The government public employment office has a list of those agencies who are recently in good standing and it is better to check if the agency you are applying in is one of them. There are some agencies who were already delisted or banned from hiring applicants that are still doing their operations. If you will be one of them, most probably your travel papers will encounter problems along the way. It is always best to do your homework first.

Good luck in your search and God speed!

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Overseas Worker - provides current listing of available jobs in different countries. A guide for those who want to work abroad. - a very informative site about everything you need to know on how and where to work abroad.

Introduction to Canada


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    • profile image

      Joel calica 2 years ago

      Goodmoening joel electrical technician working industrial and building wiring.Working @ present her the country of kuwait as a technician.if theres availabale position compatible from my skilled and

    • profile image

      marlon carandang 2 years ago

      Good day im ex abroad in saudi arabia at maaden aluminium company as a furnace philippines i also work in enkei phils as a casting operator.i want to apply.09357028751

    • profile image

      Rubillo Siman 2 years ago

      Hi Mam/Sir, Im very interested to work in Canada, Im graduated of BS Mechanical Engineering . I have been experienced working in Power Plant Saudi Arabia for 2 yrs. as Pipe Fabricator, from 2007 to 2009, and performing Assist QC Piping for 5 yrs. from 2009 to 2014. I accept any position that you could offer for me. My mobile no.09494502788 , email

    • profile image

      Wiggam Tamargo 2 years ago

      Maam/Sir,im willing & interested to work in canada as a shipyard spray painter. I had been experienced working in TSUNEISHI SHIP BUILDING in JAPAN for 3 years as a surface preparator and spray painter from 2003-2006. im willing to work as soon as posible. heres my contact number #09102075136. e-mail

    • profile image

      joselito jorduela 2 years ago

      Mam/sir Im willing to apply as high pressure steam operator in canada my cp#09227036194 tel #477 05 34 and e-mail

    • profile image

      Anna 3 years ago

      Hi mam im anna willing to apply factory worker..i have already xperience almost 5years in electronics..thanks this my number 09197207638

    • profile image

      Mercy Lacerna 3 years ago

      Hi ma'am/Sir: I wan't to apply as factory worker or any job that is fit for me. This is # 09205340241 and my email address is

    • profile image

      Jo-an G. Ramos 3 years ago

      hi maam/Sir, im very interested to work in canada im graduated of BS- computer sciemce science,i am complited finish of my caregiving tesda NCII thin i have been work in taiwan as a caregiver,this my numbr 09193700784, gmail

    • profile image

      Ricky Estrellado Bagasala 3 years ago

      Hi mam/sir im want to work in canada as Millright and I am already AIT approved ID#016/1094725 my contact# 00966507588478 and my address Ricky Etrellado Bagasala Al-Ittefaq Steel Product Co. P.O Box 1166,21431 Jeddah K.S.A

    • profile image

      joanne tenorio 3 years ago

      sir/mam i want to work in canada i can do all job u offer for me i willing to work as soon as posible.this is my mobile#09238134207 andd my email or

    • profile image

      harvyalava 3 years ago

      Maam/sir,Im mechanic for light and welling to work in canada,and now im was here in ksa

    • profile image

      jasonolavidez 3 years ago

      Good day

      Mam/Sir I want to apply as a cnc machinist 13 year working cnc machinist my current location dubai uae this is my email address

    • profile image

      Robert A Bacasmas 3 years ago

      Hi sir im tig welder I finish my contract in japan 3 years..and 6 years in Bahrain . Please help me to work in Canada or Australia. ..up to present im her in email

    • profile image

      Moises Rarang 3 years ago

      Hi mam /Sir i want to work abroad especially in Canada or other niegboring countries to help my family which are needed my support i had finish all my course at TESDA as building electrician/refregiration & air-conditioning mechanic/plumber/welder so kindlygive me chance to use all my knowledge tank you sir mam hhere's my mobile # 974-70629904. I'm here now in Qatar finish contract December 12 2014.

    • profile image

      Mildred Bicala 3 years ago


      i want to apply as a factory worker,nanny or housekeeper/room attendant.i am willing to work anytime as soon as possible..Thank you so much.This is my contact no.09215629490 and my email add is

    • profile image

      Sharif Q. Zagado tig/arc welder 3 years ago

      My contract expires at september 29,2015 here in saudi arabia working as tig/arc welder. Please help me find a company abroad that is suitable to my skill positon.

    • profile image

      Geonel Rios 3 years ago

      Sir's and Madam

      I want to apply as a meat proccessing machine operator if you have this position. I work that position for almost 8 years.

      Contact no.: 09363209863 Or

      Email :

    • profile image

      mario marcella 3 years ago

      mam/sir: i want to apply work in canada as a factory worker or housekeeping in hotel. i am willing to work anytime as soon as posibble thank u very much.?this are my contact number or email ........09996695415.

    • profile image

      leorie jane 3 years ago

      I'm fresh graduate bshrm i want to apply factory workers or housekeeping in hotel. Or waitress . pls email 09168725579

    • profile image

      dave m. tolentino 4 years ago

      Good day sir/ ma'am i want to apply Light & Heavy Equipment Mechanic/ Electrician/ Operator and Driver, More than 20 yrs Driver, 10 yrs Heavy Equipment Mechanic and Electrician, I am willing to work anytime as soon as possible. Thank you so much, This are my contacts number, and E mail; 09428350402

    • profile image

      angeles mapa 4 years ago

      hi mam and sir,

      i would like to apply as a caegiver in your company..i am willing to work anytime as soon as possible. thank you so much, this is my no. 09175951805, email add.

    • profile image

      angeles mapa 4 years ago

      i would like to apply as a caegiver in your company..i am willing to work anytime as soon as possible, thank you so much this is my number 09175951805.this is my email add.

    • profile image

      angeles mapa 4 years ago

      hi mam and sir,

      i would like to apply as a caegiver in your company..i am willing to work anytime as soon as possible.

    • profile image

      auring acoba 4 years ago

      hi,'am,sir.i would like to aply as a caregiver in your company..i am willing to work.anytime as soon as possible...i have a lot of experience...specially to my skilled infant toddlers and elders..and special child...and etc., thank you so much..this is my no.0535707912.this is my

    • profile image

      dennis lomat bigalbal 4 years ago


      I'm a plummer this month I going to Phil. Because I finish my contract for 3 years.i want to apply to Canada if we have available for my email ad .

    • profile image

      ariel edora 4 years ago

      Good day sir/mam im aplying a tig welder after finish my contract here in saudi arabia.I have my cecertification n resume. This is my number.9491229593

    • profile image

      Judilyn Bonon 4 years ago

      Good day!


      Im a 2yrs. Computer Secretarial graduate, employed at present as Secretay. Wish you could be a

      chance to work abroad especially in Canada. Any job related to my course is very much appreciative.

      Thank you.

    • profile image

      Ariel Galo 4 years ago

      Good day.I want to apply of the vacant position mentioned above im Millwright and a machinist( turners) I hope you can fit me any of my skills.I have my certification and transcript of records if needed to my experience.

    • profile image 4 years ago

      Hello mam/sir i am applying for mechanic or electrician for heavy equipments or 4 wheels.

    • profile image

      Osias maticyeng 4 years ago me to find a job for the position of welder,arc welding.tnks.

    • profile image

      ruth quiambao 4 years ago

      Hello mam sir/mam i am aplying work any position to give me i accept that.. because i want to be good employee

    • profile image

      4 years ago


      I wish to applyfor the position, above,ask advertice on on 24 june 2013. (Pleace addyour message here) my position SPRAY PAINTER, my contact number. 09399547809.



    • profile image

      sita khatiwada 6 years ago

      it,s nice ..but you have to give us phone number also.

      many people they want to go canada ,

      so phone number is most importance for them..

    • profile image

      JOSEPH ADETUWO 6 years ago

      Respected Sir/Madam,

      First of all, I would like to introduce our company, LANRUZE GLOBAL SERVICE Ltd. We are a reputed manpower company from West African . We would like to work with your esteemed organization as an authorized recruiting partner in West African/Nigeria.

      We can recruit skilled and unskilled manpower for the projects your company is undertaking currently. Our skilled manpower will be able to perform all the jobs assigned to them under the supervision of a gang/team leader whereas our unskilled manpower will have basic knowledge about construction. They will also be provided construction safety courses in our training centers. We can also recruit all kinds of janitorial level workers and security guards.

      I would like to let you know that we have maintained a huge database of candidates who are interested to work in the Middle East. I can assure that we will provide you the best service possible.

      If you would like, I can further call you or even visit you personally to discuss future plans if necessary.

      I hope to hear from you soon.

      Best regards





      Tell: +2348184494950



    • profile image

      KARY BALAGOSA 6 years ago

      OK GOOD


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