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Skills that pay well

Updated on July 14, 2015
Internet skill
Internet skill

Skill acquisition is very important in the life of every human that want to excel. In as much as that is important, there are some skills that pay more than others. In this piece of write-up, we will be discussing some vital skills that any who wants to make ends meet need to learn to earn more. Do not jump into any kind of skill; rather go for those that will pay you after learning them. And through them can make good money in life.

A number of persons have learned good ones but do not maximize them properly today because they are out of date. Take for instance a situation where a youth goes and learn how to dig pit toilet in this new generation instead of going for how to install water closet accessories. Any who goes for such in an advanced society is likely to die of hunger because such is outdated. But note, the kind that sells is dependent on the location or the place you find yourself. Hence all those ones to be discussed are financially stable ones based on the generation we are living. Take as much as you can and practice them.

What are some High Paying Skills?

Some of the high paying/lucrative skills in our society today are but not limited to:

  • Mechanic Skills (road side and industrial mechanic);
  • Welding;
  • Web Designing;
  • Application designs;
  • Television Satellite Dish Installations;
  • Advanced fish farming; and
  • Architectural drawings/designs

Mechanic Skills (roadside and industrial mechanic)

Most of the time, we see roadside mechanics or technicians as dirty set of humans. But the truth is that inside that their dirty appearance, they make good money. That is why they feel happy to appear dirty when they work with overalls which have been dent with all kinds of oil.

Which part of the world today does not make use of vehicles? In fact, any who does not have at least one vehicle of his own is seen as one of the poor in some communities. Because of this reason, many make effort to buy cars which they call their own. Cars are machines that make works to be done easily and efficiently. As there are many who have cars they use for their daily activities, so are many people who visit mechanical shops for their repair whenever they develop fault. As much as the cars/vehicles are taken to the workshops so do the mechanics/mechanical engineers/mechanical technicians make their money. So many “big companies” on the other hand are ready to pay huge to any automobile engineers and technicians to work for their companies.


Welding is another creative and lucrative skill that pays well. Of the truth, I have never seen any welder that goes hungry. In many oil producing countries, welders are fully paid to work in the offshore sections. These are men of metals and they can stay inside water for days before they surface on the dry land. These set of people are being given proper training before embarking on the offshore duty.

Since the emergence of metals on the planet, earth, their applications became known in many areas. It is hard to work into anywhere today without finding or noticing the applications of metals there. Due to this reason, metals are now used to construct some other beautiful structures. It is this making of beautiful structures by making use of electrode that is called welding. Bullet proof doors and iron doors cannot be made into reality without the proper contribution of welding professionals.

Welders do so many works in our society and people patronize them for the great skills they display. A welder can charge you more than $5 for a work that takes him less than 20 minutes to complete. Welding skills pay a lot and they are hired for big contracts in our society. It is a good skill to choose if you are looking for a skill to learn. But you have to take all the necessary safety measures so as not to damage your God given eye with electrode arc. Arc eye is painful and should be avoided.

Website designing skill is a great one that has been adding foods on the tables of many web designers and developers.
Website designing skill is a great one that has been adding foods on the tables of many web designers and developers.

Web Designing

All the computer related skills pays well in this twenty first century. Because of this, that of web design will not be an exception in any way. Web design is a trending skill in many societies today and many companies and individuals are ready to pay good amount of money when web designers set up websites for them. But let me advice at this point; if you want to learn web designing skill, enroll for that in ICT Company that will teach that to you practically. Do not in any way learn that from companies that will issue you loads of textbooks and at the end you lack the practical skill which is the main thing.

How much can a web designer charge for each web designing work? A web designer can charge up to $300 for each web design work done. This money may include the money you use to buy domain name from domain hosting company. Some domain hosting companies include Hostgator, Ipage, Syskay, Yola and many others. But be informed that the amount you charge the client is dependent on how much you buy the domain name. If you buy a domain name for $60, charging the client $300 for the work is not too much. Also, look at what the client/company is capable of doing before telling him the price for the work you will be doing. Note: web designing works pay well in developed cities where the power of internet is valued.

Application Designs

Designing of applications to be used in phones and computers is another trending lucrative skill in the market today. All over the world, there is high population of people that make use of mobile phones. These mobile phones cannot be properly maximized by the users without applications installed in them. Due to this reason, many phone and computer production companies employ application designers to help them sale more of their products in the market. Without applications being installed in mobile phones of today, there will be nothing interesting in them.

What language is required for one to be able to design applications? Before anyone can design applications, he or she must know the basic language required. Currently (as of the time when this article is published, June 2015) the language that is required for application design is called C-Sharp. The language is written in the form C#. The language was introduced by Microsoft Company. Today, many programmers have been making use of the language to design applications. Please note that there may be many other ones but this is the most recent and easiest type. If you want to know how to use this language for designing of applications, you can visit Microsoft DreamSpark by typing in the Google search engine to be taken to the website. Another way to know how to design app or application is by going to and subscribe for the tutorial.

Where can an application designer work? Application designers have many job opportunities that await them. Application designers can work in telecommunication, electronics and computer related companies. Also, many manufacturing companies employ application designers to assist them in designing of apps that they will use in running their companies programmes.

Satellite television dish used in homes and in other places of work.
Satellite television dish used in homes and in other places of work.

Television Satellite Dish Installations

Installation of television satellite dish is another skill that gives cool cash. When people started engaging in this skill acquisition (as of the time when it newly emerged), those who do not know much about it taught it was a very difficult skill to learn. But today, there are many who have acquired this skill and are making money by installing satellite television channels in homes, hotels, universities, secretariats and in other big business places. This is a skill that you can learn just in less than four hours and then can do the work for clients.

How many television satellite dish installations (or cables as people sometimes call it) can a worker/technologist/engineer install in one day? One who is skilful in the job can install not less than twenty dishes in one day. In each of this installation, the worker is paid not less than $20.00 (twenty dollars) in each. That is to say that an engineer who specializes in television satellite dish installation can make up to $400.00 (four hundred dollars) per day. Note that when you want to maximize profit from this business, you must market it in areas where clients will demand for the service. $400.00 is more than the money that some workers make in a month and someone who specialises in satellite television installation makes it in a day. Tell me how such person will not excel in the community he or she belongs. It is indeed a highly lucrative skill. If you as a satellite dish installer is given an standard hotel to network, which might contain up to 50 televisions, have it that God have butter your bread if you charge properly for the installation.

As one which engages in the installation of television satellite dish, I am writing a book which can be bought through Amazon when due. This book will be explaining the details on how to make installations of television satellite dishes and how to make lucrative money from the skill. I will also give the frequencies through which technologists can use to track many channels of their choices. For instance, the tracking frequency of MYTV and DSTV channels are 12722 and 12245 respectively.

Advanced Fish farming

Because of advancement in fish farming business, many have been conditioned to learn proper skills on how to rear the animal. Fish farming in the recent years have contributed to the economic growth of many nations. Unlike the old days when the only source of fish was natural water, today, the source of fish is beyond that. Rearing of fish called fish farming have made a lot of people multi millionaires. You can be part of this if only you are ready to learn and practice how to do it.

When we see some big fishes being sold in market places, we think it takes months for the fishes to come to maturity. Surprisingly to those who are not into fish farming, those fishes you see only takes about four weeks to grow into maturity. Due to the fact that advancement have been made in the kind of feed which are being given to the fishes, that is why they grow fast. Fish farming is a lucrative skill to learn for those who want to venture into agriculture. Truly, fish farming is a paying skill. All you need to know is to go for training on it and the sky becomes your starting point in terms of financial buoyancy.

Architectural drawings/designs

I can vividly remember years back when the only people who have the right to make drawings were just the architects, engineers or those who specialize in the related field. These categories must have studied in the institutions of higher learning for them to be able to carry out such functions. Those days, only those that studied the stated disciplines were given the license to make house designs and drawings.

Technological advancement especially in computer and software designs have given many people the opportunity to learn architectural drawings and designs. It is no longer those days when architectural drawings are made manually using pencils, rule, paper and other manual drawing materials. Technical drawings and design, which is a high paying skill, is now preferred done in the digital format using computers. The drawing can be made in the digital format using software like Auto-Card and the like. It is good to learn the skill because clients are interested to pay those who have this skill in our society.


Let anyone who wants to make it in the age we are into go for paying skills. A skilful person has upper hand than the other who is deficient in it. Due to recent discovery on the benefits of skill acquisition, governments and private agencies are directing funding in equipping people in the field of skill acquisition as that will make the world a better place for all. Under this topic, discussed are the high paying skills which can be acquired by people that need skill acquisition. I will like to say that there are other skills which pay; yet not discussed in this topic. Above all, there is importance of skill acquisition.


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    • Uzochukwu Mike profile imageAUTHOR

      Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike P 

      2 weeks ago from Anambra State, Nigeria

      Thanks so much Carolyn. I am grateful to see your comment.

    • Carolyn M Fields profile image

      Carolyn Fields 

      2 weeks ago from South Dakota, USA

      This is important information for anyone considering going to college to get a "general" degree with no immediate application!


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