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3 Tips for Small Business Owners to Build Business after Black Friday

Updated on March 22, 2013
Don't be a small business Grinch! Show your customers some love this holiday season.
Don't be a small business Grinch! Show your customers some love this holiday season. | Source

Make the Most of Client Relationships in the Holiday Season

One of the advantages as a small business owner is that you have a direct connection to your clients. And never is there a better time to seize on that advantage than during the holiday season.

Seasonal marketing isn't about making your big Black Friday sales and watching the revenue roll in (although that’s obviously a big bonus for e-tailers). Its about using the festive spirit to your advantage to cultivate richer relationships with your primary clients.

Some tips for small businesses during the holiday season:

1) Make it personal. Chances are, you know the names of your biggest clients. More importantly – they probably know yours! Take the time to send them personalized holiday messages.

Instead of sending them a generic corporate greeting card (“Warmest Holiday Wishes from the Staff at Company Co”), send them a personalized one (“Thinking of you this holiday season and wishing the best for your business in 2011. Keep in touch, [Company Owner]”

2) Make it important. The holiday season puts everyone in a shopping mode, and that doesn’t end just because your clients are in the office. If you’ve been toying all year with the idea of a ridiculous promotional offer, now’s the time!

Whether the client is just looking to bleed away a bit of year-end profit in a new venture, or they’re setting to launch into the new year with a bang, now’s the time to give them the best, can’t-afford-to-turn-it-down deal of the year.

3) Make it fun. If you have an online presence (and who doesn’t), spend a bit of money to impart some holiday charm into your channels.

  • Host a holiday giveaway on your Facebook page.
  • Change your Twitter avatar to a festive greeting.
  • Photoshop Santa hats onto your logo on your homepage.
  • Write a blog about how you gave up your Friday afternoon to go volunteer with the Salvation Army.

In short, do the little things that will make your client smile the next time they interact with you online and show them that you, just like them, are celebrating the holiday season.

With Black Friday just around the corner, it’s easy to get caught up in the drive to build bigger and better sales. Instead, look at this as the launch weekend for the biggest client-celebratory season of your company and build for bigger business in the coming year!


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      E.M 7 years ago

      Snow, lights, egg nog and smiles - Christmas is wonderful!!!