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Video Marketing - Storytelling in 6 Seconds

Updated on January 23, 2022

Growing Popularity of Broadcasts

Video usage is growing at a rapid pace and has become an important part of any content and social media marketing strategy. Hence, the need for properly planed matter - one that helps to connect with customers on a personal level. Popular films provide readily digestible thought and tap audiences on various boards.

It is now time to make substance that your demographic will like. There are numerous video platforms to choose from, with each having their own different benefits to offer for your business. For example- some will increase the follower count and likes on social media, whereas others can help in building relationships with consumers.

Here are a few among the many places to post promotional broadcasts and market the business to potential customers and boost lead generation.

Stay Connected

Facebook is quite confident to take on YouTube’s dominance in prerecorded content. According to TechCrunch, the facebook boasts for more than 3 billion video views per day.

Facebook is catching up with YouTube’s video views, according to new analysis by Ampere Analysis, “We expect it to exceed two trillion videos this year, that’s two thirds of YouTube’s projected total for the same period.”

The audience on Facebook need to be entertained and distracted. Hence, the programs should be amusing, witty, to the point and light-hearted. As the film is on auto-play, the first few seconds of it must seize the users’ attention.

Here is an example how Coca-Cola's short, engaging film ended up receiving more than 499,000 views and nearly 20,000 likes.

Social Branding with Facebook

Musical way to Share a Coke
Musical way to Share a Coke | Source

Capture and Share Moments

Whether you have a large Instagram following or want to build it up, try posting video on your Instagram account. Instagram users already love consuming visual content. Therefore using this audio-visual dais for marketing purposes will put you ahead of the game.

Instagram videos are mostly about fifteen seconds long at most, and they repeat. Thus, your recording should be consistent with the feed and include a quick action.

Oreo is the best example of work on Instagram. Every single one of their photo and video showcases the Oreo itself in a different way - Oreo milkshake, pies with Oreo crusts, Oreo lattes and others. The Oreos are always against a bright, simple background.

Funny Video

Oreo work on Instagram
Oreo work on Instagram | Source

Sell yourself in 6 Seconds!

As per, 100 million people were watching videos on Vine each month. They log onto the site and view six-second loops produced by their contemporaries and brands. According to Social Times, the most effective brands on Vine produce content that capture their niche.

Thomas Messett, head of digital marketing for Nokia Europe, said “How can you land a message or tell a story or create something compelling that will influence a consumer in just six seconds? It can be done, just like it can be done in 140 characters, but it’s hard and I don’t think many brands have the formula yet.” Source: adweek

So, one has to be very creative. Rather than selling products or getting instant ROI; focus on spreading the message, educating, entertaining and engaging your audience. The video must keep the viewers hooked on, motivating them to follow you on the site.

Take a look at this Vine tube from French Connection that shows holiday beach vacation time targeting fashion enthusiasts and travelers.

Marketing with Vine

Beach Vacation Time
Beach Vacation Time | Source

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