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Social Networking Approaches for Businesses and Organizations

Updated on March 26, 2018

Social Media


Important Marketing and Internet Tools

Every small business owner should be mindful of the common social networking approaches in order that their business advances, as well as on the keeps on right track of its targeted benchmark goals.

While social networking as a whole has already been invented, nevertheless, many business owners can be unwilling to make use of modern technological advancements which can move their business in the reverse direction regarding development and growth of the business.

Running a business calls for learning new methods from time to time, in order to keep tempo with the modern day trends in the world of business. Business owners may be concerned about getting that knowledge, as well as discovering internet marketing methods. Reasons they are reluctant to do so, may be that they think its not easy to adapt to something new, or simply that its a waste of time, due to the fast changes of markets and technologies. This can be a valid concern, as we all can think of the newest and greatest ‘thing’ that never took off, and getting adept at it was a waste. However, social marketing while still fairly new, has been around long enough to see that people are using it more and more on a daily basis, and its beyond the fly-by-night stage.

Costly advertising in some of the more traditional methods are increasingly being less effective than they once were. The way the public gathers information is changing. Another strong advantage to social networking, is its free to use! Of course, businesses can also opt for paid ad campaigns, and the rates are usually very reasonable and can really be targeted for that company’s demographics. A business would be unwise to overlook using social networking for its needs.

Social networking has been reinvented during the past 5 years; there has been newer and better ways of selling products and services. It has also been moving from it’s infancy of simply social / friendship arenas, to more and more businesses engaging in this medium.

Networking techniques perform a crucial function in getting an awesome advertising tool which channels the company’s needs and offers magnificent returns on the owners’ investment. There were times when company owners who were thinking about escalating their marketing reach needed to attend networking occasions as well as gatherings.

This offers alternatives to time-consuming and costlygatherings, or at least minimizes the need of the frequency of such meetings.

Some Specific Social Networking Strategies

Social networking is a very unobtrusive technique which allows every business manager to reach out to their target audience, and therefore raise the company branding awareness.

Social networking allows real-time interaction with customers and would-be customers quickly. There are a variety of campaigns a business might want to employ such as:

  • A contest
  • A giveaway
  • Publicize a sale
  • A poll
  • A game or treasure hunt
  • A whimsical ‘thought of the day’ concept, which keeps your branding in their awareness

Here’s an example of what a restaurant might be able to do. If they find they are having an exceptional slow night, they might send a tweet or facebook posting that for all who come in for dinner that night, they would get a certain percentage off their dinner tab, or a free drink, free appetizer, or whatever incentive they chose. Since the business is already staffed, and opened, it could instantly turn a slow night into a profitable evening.

Get creative, you could really have a lot of interactive fun with customers and gain many new ones.

Social Networking Customer Care

There are lots of organizations and companies which use social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook to boost their business relations. Companies like Dell computers and several prime air travel businesses have accepted Twitter to be a very efficient, real-time client contact platform, which may perform much better than the ordinary call centers did.

This works in a very easy approach, the customers only have to sign in to their Twitter account and submit their tweets, and a customer care representative will effortlessly reach out to the customers needs. In fact, these firms have a whole group of workers who are employed just to respond to the social networking queries which they receive all day.

Social networking is also a swift and cost-effective way to introduce new services or products to your current devoted consumers. Getting repeat business from previous pleased clients will have significant profits rates, as opposed to first time clients in general. Social networking allows take advantage of this. Everyone loves great deals, and your best customers enjoy being a special ‘insider’, use it to deepen customer loyalty.


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