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Sociology Jobs Rock: Five Cool Sociology Careers

Updated on July 16, 2012
Stop looking at help wanted ads and get a career you like!
Stop looking at help wanted ads and get a career you like! | Source

What Are Some Interesting Careers in Sociology?

Sociology is the study of human culture and there is plenty of it in this world. From traveling to advertising, we will explore the potential career options for a sociology graduate and how they can obtain those positions.

Many people wonder what they can do with a sociology degree and some think the only thing they can do is social work. In fact, sociology careers can be exciting, fun and creative. The most interesting careers in sociology include those in market research fields.

This guide will share the five most appealing careers in sociology and also give you information on how to obtain these careers and what these careers entail. If you are wondering about certain careers or have questions about the subjects discussed in this article, please leave a comment at the end of the page and the author will get back to you.

Banana Ad
Banana Ad | Source

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1. Marketing Director

Have you ever felt like you could make better commercials than the ones you watch between scenes of your favorite shows? Sociologists study how people respond to commercials and choose the next ones that go on air.

Companies like Geico are known for their funny, interesting and entertaining commercials that keep people engaged during breaks. Working in advertising is a creative job that requires a lot of research and audience analysis, yet, I'm still very interesting in controlling the media.

Starring Mel Gibson, the film, What Women Want, is about a man who obtains the ability to hear what women are thinking. He is a marketing director and he illustrates how advertisers think.

What Classes Should I Take to Become a Product Tester?

  • Mass Media
  • Consumer Society
  • Market Strategies
  • Youth Cultures

1. Product Tester

A product tester does just what their name describes. They test products before they are released to market in order to determine if they are a good investment, if they need improvements, or if they will do well under certain advertising mediums.

During college, a friend of mine was a product tester for iPhone and iPad apps. He told me that his job was to play games on iPhones all day and I asked him for an application.

With sociology, there is so much you can do. Read the information to the right in order to find out what classes are suited for this career.

West Pokot tribe in Kenya, Summer 2007
West Pokot tribe in Kenya, Summer 2007 | Source

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3. Traveling Journalist

Anthropology and sociology go hand-in-hand. Some choose to take their sociology career around the world to explore the many cultures that exist here on Earth. A traveling journalist goes to societies either primitive or advanced, and explores how these societies function in order to report back to their origin country.

Claude Levi-Strauss is a very famous social anthropologist that studied the Bororo Indians in Brazil. He and others like him have taken sociological research overseas to discover the instinctual morals of humankind.

If you like to travel and have a sociology degree, you too could become a traveling journalist and discover some of the most hidden secrets this world has to offer.

Bill Gates on the cover of Times Magazine...Image yourself on the cover.
Bill Gates on the cover of Times Magazine...Image yourself on the cover. | Source

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4. Inventor

Sociologists are particularly interested in how commodities sell in our society. Some have an intelligent and logical approach to product development. Social inventors are people who think of useful and necessary commodities that everyone in society needs. They work for massive companies that want to make a large profit off of a good idea.

With the proper education, one can become a social inventor and provide society with useful products that will produce a hefty profit for the company and also themselves.

This system isn't working.  How would you fix it?
This system isn't working. How would you fix it? | Source

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5. Consultant

Consultants are people that go into a workplace and analyze the systems in place. They then write up or verbally suggest improvements for the company. This position allows the consultant to travel from one place to another and explore how many businesses function and determine which ones are most profitable.

Being a consultant may not seem like an exciting job, but imagine yourself being able to control how a business functions as an outsider. Those interested in sociology are usually logical people who would enjoy this type of work.


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