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Some Basic Search Engine Optimization Steps and Plans

Updated on April 9, 2013

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an area which is considered as an important aspect of online marketing and plays a major role in determining the overall success of a website. An Search Engine Optimization specialist has to deploy a lot of things in order to get better search engine rankings. Different SEO specialists follow different methods to achieve their SEO goals and this may vary significantly. A decade ago, SEO process was something which did not have any special work strategy and plan, rather most of the webmaster relied upon some hit and run strategies.

But things have changed too much in the SEO field and these days you could not taste success without a proper SEO plan and implementation. There are complex as well as simple SEO plans which you can stick upon to bring better search engine rankings / visibility. Most of the SEO companies and agencies have their own plan to bring better search engine visibility for their client websites. Below given are the some of the major Basic steps and plans that are involved in bringing better search engine visibility.

Step 1 - Initial Site Analysis and Study
Do the initial site analysis and identify the key shortcomings and the areas that need to be improved on a SEO point of view. Also conduct competitor analysis and compare various competitors.

Step 2 - Keyword Research
Come up with a list of the most potential and relevant keywords for the website and this is mostly done by using Google Keyword Research tool.

Step 3 - Keyword Finalization
The researched keywords would be subject to approval and changes. Once everything is in place, the keywords are finalized.

Step 4 - Initial Keyword Ranking Report
The initial or benchmark keywords ranking reports for the finalized keywords and this initial keyword ranking report serves as a yardstick to measure the effectiveness of the SEO campaign.

Step 5 - Onpage Optimization
The website is now optimized based on the keywords and there are certain activities that mainly comes under onpage optimization.
a) Title Tag Optimization
b) Meta Tag Optimization
c) Content Optimization
d) Image Optimization
e) Google Webmaster Verification
f) Traffic Tracking Tool Installation.

Step 5 - Offpage Optimization
Once the onpage SEO is in place, offpage optimization is carried out on a regular basis and offpage optimization activities plays a major role towards the overall search engine visibility of the website. The major offpage SEO activities include
a) Directory Submission
b) Article Submission
c) Article Promotion
d) Social Media Marketing
e) Forum Marketing
f) Blogging

Step 6 - Monthly SEO Report
The keyword ranking report is taken on a monthly basis and it helps us to see the progress due to the SEO activities in a much better way.


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      georgescifo 5 years ago from India

      Thanks you for dropping in your valuable comments, samsons1!!

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      Sam 5 years ago from Tennessee

      Another great article and well researched. Thanks for the insight. Voted up, useful and shared...