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Some Things Aren't Meant to be Understood

Updated on February 14, 2011

I Just Don't Get It....

I find it hard to understand a lot of things. The game of Golf, for instance, I try to find a reason behind it. Grown men are paying thousands of dollars every year for equipment, green fees and tee times so that they can spend the better part of a day walking around hitting a little ball into a hole. Why? Robin Williams’ routine “Scotsmen and Golf” seemed to answer the question of how golf got started years ago back in Scotland: they were drunk.

And then there is NASCAR. Again we have grown men spending hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars to be able to drive a car for hundreds of miles as fast as they can…in a circle. And what is equally mind-boggling is that living here in the South, I have realized that nearly every guy down here is a NASCAR fan and actually believes that he is a NASCAR driver! If you ever drive through Dixie, just look in your rear view mirror. Chances are you are being “drafted” by a local yokel in a pickup truck with a confederate flag proudly displayed somewhere on the vehicle.

And to think that the media refers to golfers and race car drivers as “athletes”, that’s incredible.

I also find it hard to understand why the local boys here take a perfectly good baseball cap and bend the bill into a tube so it looks like a fabric covered pipe coming out of their foreheads. Does it cause the bill to shade the center of their foreheads better?

This past weekend, I took some of my tax return money and went computer shopping. I was familiar with the Wal-Mart packages, usually a complete operating system in a box, complete with programming and internet accessibility. But I decided to go to Best Buy and see what they had. Fearful of a bad experience 6 years ago while trying to buy a Sony Vaio from a Circuit City store, I entered Best Buy with my guard up, but had an open mind.

We looked at all of the computer systems that they had, and we came upon a really good looking unit. It was an HP, with all the bells and whistles, plenty of storage and a nice 20” flat screen, which displayed the logos of the programs that I assumed were already installed in the computer system. It was at a great price, $549.00. A young lad came over to me and asked if we needed assistance. I told him that I wanted this computer system, and asked him about the programming displayed on the screen.

“Oh, no sir” he said. “Those programs don’t come with it.”

“Then why are they on the screen moving around?”

“They are there to let you know that we can add them to your system for the cost of the program plus a $69.00 service charge for loading them.”

“Okay.” I said. “How much is it for these two programs?” I pointed to two of the icons.

“They are both $150 each, sir.”

“Okay.” I continued in a less than optimistic voice. “So it’s $550 for the computer, plus $300 for those two programs dancing across the monitor, plus $69.00 to put those programs on the system….so about $950 with tax for the whole thing?”

“The monitor is not included, sir”.

“Huh?” My open mind just slammed shut.

“The monitor is an additional $299, sir.”

Being a student of law, I immediately began assessing the display. The display in a sense was an offer of an implied contract. Nowhere did it say “Monitor not included”, or “the programs that you see dancing around on the screen are not included”. The display implied that the monitor was included, and it implied that the programs were included with the system by the mere fact that the programs were displayed on the monitor that was connected to the running computer .

I pointed these issues out to the young lad and told him that the display implied such things and that these items should now be added gratis because the store was now advertising falsely. I just ended up confusing him.

“Where’s your manager?” I asked.

“Del, don’t do this again…..please?” My wife begged. “He’s just a kid. He has pimples! Leave him alone.”

I looked at my 29 year old son. “You have a good and valid point, Dad.” He said. “Now let’s go to Wal-Mart.”

I had no back up on this. My wife and son headed for the door, and they were going to leave me there. Even though I had the car keys and they couldn’t leave without me, thirty years of marriage told me that I needed to walk away from this. As I climbed into the truck, I looked at my wife and said “I could’ve won this one.”

“No you couldn’t have.” She retorted. “Because you’re an idiot.”

So we went to Wal-Mart and bought a computer. It was basically the exact same system, with the programming that I wanted and a 20” monitor for $450.

I realize that Wal-Mart has tremendous buying power and can buy just about anything for next to nothing, but what I find hard to understand is why does Best Buy do business the way they do when the big “W” is just across the street?

There is much in life that I still have trouble understanding, things like having beautiful weather on my work days, but rain and snow on my days off. I have trouble understanding things like fishing with my disabled daughter. It is a lot of fun for both of us, but she is not able to handle the mechanics of a reel, so I give her a cane pole, some line, a hook and a worm. Amazingly, she is able to catch several bass over 5lbs, while I’m struggling with my $400 worth of rods and tackle and catching nothing but swamp grass.

My other daughter learned that the females of the fish species grow larger than the males, so she decided that if she was going to catch a big “girl” fish, she needed a pink lure. I bought her one, and she too has out fished me with that kind of logic.

I just don’t understand it.

© 2011 By Del Banks


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    • Fossillady profile image

      Kathi 6 years ago from Saugatuck Michigan

      Another great hub with food for thought. There's a lot in this world we don't understand about each other. I related to the golf,Best Buy and Nascar question, but to each his own. Very funny, the pink fishing lure and all the rest!