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Some of the Highest Paying Hot Jobs in Australia

Updated on July 17, 2013

As we all know, Australia is a magnificent and beautiful country which is loved by people from across the globe. The living standards, natural beauty, cool climate and friendly locals all makes it a perfect place to live in. Due to the presence of a large number of travel destinations in Australia, the country is visited by a large number of people and is exposed to a wider audience. While going through the living atmosphere that prevails in Australia, you will certainly hope to settle and lead a happy life in Australia.

Australia is one of the best countries to try for a job and get settled due to the amazing job atmosphere that prevails in this beautiful country. Australia is one of the best places to stay as it offers high class living standards which you can rarely see in other parts of the world. People from different places come here for a job and once they get it, they try to settle in this country itself. Australia is the perfect for professionals from different branches and those with the right professional skills and command over English language can really make it great in Australia.

Australia offers different types of jobs with different pay scales and you can find a lot of job opportunities which will suit your knowledge and skills. A lot of big branded organizations are having their foothold in Australia and these companies have the tradition of paying handsome salary to its employees. If you are serious about settling in Australia, then it will be better for you to try for a job in any of the major companies and that too in a good position.

Here are few of the highest paying jobs in Australia, that I have gathered from various resources on the internet and hope that it will be beneficial for those planning to get a job and settle down in Australia.

1) Business Analyst
Business Analysis is one of the most prestigious job which one dreams of having in Australia and this job is considered to be a high paying job. Even though it is a tough job, once you get there and put your foot strong, you will be able to pursue a dream life in Australia.

2) Business Development Manager
This is yet another high paying job in Australia and this is very much suitable for those having a marketing background and there are a lot of additional perks and incentives included in this job. If you have the right marketing skills and strong language then this job will be the best suited for you to have a dream run in Australia.

3) Recruitment Consultant
Even though it is difficult to get as a recruitment consultant in a reputed firm in Australia, once you get there, you will not have to look back. The pay package for recruitment consultant in Australia will be great and you will also be able to face new challenges and polish your skills and talents.

4) Management and Financial Accountants
Another critical job profile that will fetch you huge pay in Australia, the Management and Financial accountants are held in high esteem as these guys form an integral part of any company or organization. This job requires sufficient educational qualification in Management and Financial subjects and once you manage to get a job as Management and Financial accountants in any of the top firms, then you can lead a happy and settled life in Australia.

5) Registered Nurse (RN)
This is another major handsomely paying job in Australia and since there is a huge shortage of qualified and skills nurses in Australia, a lot of nursing professionals try for getting a job as a nurse in Australia. There are also a lot of nursing institutes in Australia which provides nurse training programs in various areas which makes it easy for carving a career as a nurse in Australia. Foreign nursing professionals who have a strong command over English and have completed IRON programs in Australia can also be eligible for becoming a registered nurse in Australia.

The above said are just few of the high paying jobs and there are still many other high paying jobs in Australia which I have missed from the list. For those coming from outside, getting a high paying job is little difficult as there are a lot of qualified professionals in Australia itself. Even if you want to apply for a job, you have to have the required experience, educational qualification and strong command over English language. If you have these qualities then you can positively try for getting a job in Australia.


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